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Preparing for the Unthinkable

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, their families and the Washington, DC community following last year’s tragic shooting. It’s always shocking when you hear stories like this. To think, a place you considered safe and secure could

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Surviving a Polar Vortex – Protection & Prevention Tips

Temperatures across the United States were expected to plunge to their lowest levels for 20 years, as almost half of the population were trapped under what is known as a “polar vortex”. So what is a polar vortex? A polar

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Preparing for a Power Outage: Disaster Recovery Tip #07

Over half a million people are without power this morning due to a dangerous mix of snow, sleet and ice that swept through the southeast overnight. Did you know? As little as half an inch of ice can add an

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Preparing Your Vehicle For Winter Emergencies: Disaster Recovery Tip #05

This week, Winter Storm Leon left thousands stranded on highways across parts of the south, sending the reminder on the importance of preparing you and your vehicle for winter – no matter where you live.   Here are some tips

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Another Arctic Blast: Disaster Recovery Tip #04

Another surge of arctic air is sweeping it’s way across the Midwest and Northeast, reaching as far south as Northern Florida. One Florida farmer joked, “The oranges are squeezing themselves to stay warm.”  With temperatures falling drastically – here are

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A Lesson from West Virginia Chemical Spill: Disaster Recovery Tip #03

Clean water. It’s an essential element to survival. Yet – it’s something we often and so easily take for granted. Last week’s chemical spill in West Virginia that prompted a State of Emergency and a 5 day water-use ban for

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This Week’s Arctic Blast: Disaster Recovery Tip #2

From frozen pipes to burst water mains, Agility’s member services team has been busy responding to members impacted by this week’s record freeze. All the while – sending the chilling reminder that during winter, it’s not always snow & ice

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Disaster Recovery Tip #1: A New Year’s Resolution

Each year, millions of families and businesses are impacted by disaster – yet we still think “It’ll never happen to me”. As you kick off the new year with new goals and resolutions, consider making 2014 the year you finally

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Lessons Learned From Superstorm Sandy…1 Year Later

Sandy was a storm of record proportions.   It will go down in history as one of the strongest hurricanes ever to make landfall in the United States.  Stretching nearly 1,000 miles, Sandy was roughly twice the size of Texas and