Flooding of the river Ob in the Nizhnevartovsk region in Langepas.

Real Members. Real Recoveries. October 2016 Recovery Update.

October was an extremely busy month with Hurricane Matthew causing extreme flooding and widespread power outages throughout the southeastern portion of the United States. Agility’s Member Services and Operations Teams supported a total of 36 disaster declarations and over 200

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Prepare Your Office for Holiday Closures

The winter holidays are rapidly approaching and most of us are making our “to do” lists in preparation for the celebration. Grocery lists, travel arrangements, get-the-house-ready checklists, and party dates are all being checked and double-checked. With excitement in the

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Disaster Recovery Tip #44: Disaster Recovery Horror Stories

Halloween means spooky costumes, haunted houses and everything scary. And while not much frightens us here at Agility, there are a few disaster recovery planning horror stories that are guaranteed to send chills up our spine. In the spirit of

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6 Lessons Learned from the Disaster Recovery Graveyard

Whether you’re a disaster recovery mastermind or disaster planning beginner, there are plenty of things that can give you quite a scare. But never fear! In the spirit of Halloween, we’ve compiled six different horror stories to caution you about potential


Disaster Recovery Tip #43: 2016 Winter Weather Forecast

Forecasters at NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center issued the 2016-2017 U.S. Winter Outlook this week, saying that La Niña is expected to influence winter conditions this year. Specifically, a dry, mild winter is likely across most of the southern U.S., while


Disaster Recovery Tip #42: Too Small to Warrant a Cyber Attack?

Last month’s news that over 500 million Yahoo accounts were comprised brought the conversation of cyber security to the forefront once again. Specifically, what types and sizes of organizations are at risk for such threats? The truth is, your network


Disaster Recovery Tip #41: Why You Should Care About a Hurricane’s Impact No Matter Where You Live

This week, residents from Florida to Virginia are feeling the impact of Hurricane Matthew as it brings devastating winds, rain and storm surge. But even if you don’t live in its projected path, you may still feel its repercussions. That’s

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Real Members. Real Recoveries. September 2016 Recovery Update

The month of September saw continued activity with five customer declares and 35 customer alerts, with the majority due to Hurricane Hermine, which slammed into the West Coast of Florida. Here is a brief summary: Financial Institution in Missouri: This Agility

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Disaster Recovery Tip #40: Update Your Emergency Wallet Card

Chances are, a few changes have occurred in your organization since the beginning of the year – either from employees coming and going or changes in your vendor and supplier network. Make sure your emergency wallet card is current and

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Disaster Recovery Tip #39: Have a Back Up to Your Back Up

We’ve seen it far too many times, from back up network systems failing and leaving communications at a standstill to generators catching fire and destroying nearby facilities. Even with the best intentions and preparation in your recovery plan, things can