Disaster Recovery Tip #7: What’s your plan for a Catastrophe?

February 16, 2017
Agility Recovery

During the past week, the Town of Stanley, Idaho and the City of Oroville, California were both confronted by unprecedented situations. A rare series of avalanches closed major highways into the town of Stanley, trapping some residents in their homes for days. While residents downstream from the Oroville Dam in Northern California were forced from their homes due to the possible failure of that dam. Fortunately, the threat of this disaster has stabilized somewhat, with residents being allowed back into their homes in Oroville and roads opening once again into Stanley.

These unforeseen weather conditions and potential threats of disaster are a reminder to be prepared for immediate threats. Agility’s Cost of Catastrophe Infographic shows a snapshot of just how many individuals and businesses have yet to put a formal plan into place. However, Agility’s What to Take when you Evacuate checklist and this article on Evacuating Yourself and Your Family can help you respond to events like this. And as in the cases above, when roads and highways are closed, this guide from FEMA around Citizen Preparedness can help your loved ones prepare for the worst.

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