We know…disaster recovery and business continuity can seem confusing. Fortunately, straightforward answers are only a click away.


  • Began in 1989 as a unit of General Electric
  • In 2004 we launched ReadySuite; a turn-key business continuity solution that all businesses can afford
  • Protects over 20,000 businesses throughout North America
  • Rescued 1000’s of businesses and never failed

Agility – A business continuity company for businesses of all sizes.

Our business began in 1989 as part of General Electric. They saw a need for businesses to have plans and resources to recover from disasters, natural or man-made. In the beginning, this service was only available to the largest corporations.

But in 2004, Agility Recovery developed an efficient, effective recovery solution that any organization can afford: ReadySuite. Over the past 25 years, we’ve recovered literally thousands of businesses from every possible type of disaster. And we have never failed.

CASE STUDY: TMone Call Center Recovery

If 4 feet of snow collapsed your office, how would you respond?

I can sum up the recovery experience in one word…FANTASTIC!
Bruce Berger. VP of Administration, Carco Group


ReadySuite. Powerful, yet simple.

Disaster events include everything from the catastrophic (Superstorm Sandy) to the mundane (a burst water pipe). What they have in common is the power to put you out of business. We see it every day.

As an Agility ReadySuite Member, you are protected. For a small monthly fee, we will help you plan and prepare for any disaster with our disaster recovery solutions. And when a disaster strikes, we will mobilize our resources and provide you with four key elements of recovery: Office Space, Power, Communications and Computer Systems.

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Computer Systems

Agility will provide computers, printers, servers, and fax machines.




If you lose access to phone or Internet, we’ll restore connectivity.




We will supply you with power generators for your office.



Office space

We will provide you with office space, desks and chairs.


Retail/Branch office for financial institutions
  • Teller counter & reception area
  • myAgility web portal
  • Up to 5 Intel servers
  • Power & communications
  • Core processor connectivity
  • Testing optional
For large organizations with specific needs
  • Office complete with computers & desks
  • Custom network engineering
  • 15+ Intel servers
  • Power & communications
  • Custom PC image preload
  • Premier testing support
Agility saved us 150,000 dollars over the past two years. Compared to other solutions, Agility is more flexible, turnaround is faster and it’s testable. Agility took a lot off our shoulders…
Did I mention we saved 150,000 dollars?
Farmington Bank


Relax. We’ve made business continuity easy.

The first thing to understand is you are covered immediately. There is no waiting period before coverage begins.

When you become a member, one of our Business Continuity Planners will contact you and begin gathering information so we know how to recover your business if you have a disaster:

  • How many employees do you have?
  • What are the power requirements of your office?
  • Where do you store your data?
  • What are your computer and technology needs?
  • How do you want your phone calls handled during a disaster?

These details are compiled on a secure website called myAgility, which becomes the foundation of your business continuity plan.

Risk Assessment Checklist

How prepared is your business? This risk assessment checklist will help identify and rate the risks that directly threaten your organization.



Agility has recovered businesses in 44 states and provinces.
We have never failed.

disaster recovery services

No disaster declaration fees

Our business continuity specialists are available whenever you need Agility

No disaster alert fees

Agility is continually monitoring potential emergency situation

No daily usage fees for the first 60 days

Agility makes it easy and inexpensive to protect your business.

When you contact us to declare a disaster, we immediately assess your situation and develop a disaster recovery plan based on your needs. Once we determine which aspects of your business recovery plan are necessary, and get your approval, our team goes into action. We’re talking minutes, not days.

One of the secrets of our business continuity model, and what makes ReadySuite affordable to all, and what makes ReadySuite affordable to all businesses, is that you only pay for out-of-pocket expenses. Things you would have to pay for regardless of who handles your recovery. For example:

If you need a computer server, we take one out of our stock and ship it to you. You pay for the shipping.

If we fly a technician to your location to manage your recovery and set up your computers, you pay for his airfare. You don’t pay for his time. He’s on our payroll.

If you need a generator, we’ll bring one to you. We’ll even keep it filled with diesel fuel  and only bill you the exact costs, no markup.

Agility Recovery doesn’t make a single dime on a disaster recovery. When disaster strikes, our only goal is to get your business up and running.  We take care of all the logistics, operations and tactics of executing the recovery so you don’t have to.

More importantly, we get it done every time.


We know…disaster recovery planning can seem like a daunting task. But even the most complex issues are easy to understand when taken in small doses. Over 40,000 people have already registered. Sign up here to receive our weekly tips on business continuity.