//7 Signs You’re Ready for the 2018 CUNA Conferences

7 Signs You’re Ready for the 2018 CUNA Conferences


Going to the 2018 CUNA Conferences in San Francisco? So are we!

We are getting ready for our annual journey to the CUNA Conferences. These credit union focused conferences don’t exactly roll off the tongue but are going to be a lot of fun: the 21st Annual CUNA Operations & Member Experience Council Conference and the 23rd Annual CUNA Technology Council Conference. We’re so excited to see our friends and customers from credit unions around the country. Our bags are packed, our booth is ready, and we have lots of resiliency swag ready to give out.

If you’re anything like us, the anticipation is too much to handle and this list is everything you’re feeling.

1. You’ve got your flight booked, seat selected, and hotel secured.

2. You’ve already emailed and texted a few industry friends to see if they’ll be there too.

3. You’ve looked up San Francisco weather patterns during September.

4. You have counted the steps to your first fancy cocktail.

5. You’ve asked for recommendations from all your cool friends… maybe even on Facebook.

6. You’re so excited that you’d like to move to the Bay until seeing the cost of living.

7. You already have your out of office message drafted.

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