//9 Business Continuity Twitter Accounts You Should Follow Immediately

9 Business Continuity Twitter Accounts You Should Follow Immediately


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Twitter is a great tool to stay ahead on business continuity industry news, as well as monitor potential threats to your organization. The real-time news highlighted by Twitter is particularly beneficial before and during a crisis.

Although there are some other industries that have more enthusiastically embraced Twitter, business continuity has some great accounts to follow that can help you follow industry trends and manage your organizational risk.


1. Continuity Central

Continuity Central is a website dedicated to business continuity updates and blogs. Their Twitter feed occasionally reads more like an RSS Feed and could use some more images, but their content links are consistently great reads and, thus, a must follow.

2. DRJ

The Disaster Recovery Journal is the leading publication and event covering business continuity/disaster recovery. They consistently post excellent blogs and industry news. Their website is so filled with information you can miss the highlights. Twitter solves everything.


The Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) feed is filled with news and great training materials for your organization. If you aren’t one of their 737k followers, fix that today.

4. Supply Chain Disruption

This Twitter feed is primarily a news aggregator of the latest in supply chain news. They retweet potential supply chain threats and updates from many different news sources. Before seeing their recent tweet you might not think about how Brexit will affect your supply chain, but now you can. Let them sift through nearly 5,000 news sources and individual contributors to find relevant supply chain news, so you don’t have to.

5. Risk Management Magazine

This Twitter feed is a true RSS feed of Risk Management Magazine. The Tweets are a great reminder of the latest news and trends in business continuity and risk management. If you’re reading this, Risk Management, throw us an image or a #hashtag every once in a while.

6. Stephanie Balaouras

Stephanie is the Research Director at Forrester. She tweets and retweets about a big range of topics from around the industry. She’s the only individual contributor we have on the list and for good reason. You’ll enjoy the follow.

7. Capital Weather Gang

The Washington Post has the best weather reporting in the national media. Their writers are brilliant and explain complex meteorology topics in an easy to understand way. Some of their tweets are Washington D.C. specific, but they also regularly cover national weather stories.

8. Local Sources

The Capital Weather Gang is our favorite source for national weather reporting, but you’ll also want to follow your local sources for weather and disaster alerts.

Find a couple of local news sources and some specialty weather alerts for the biggest risks in your area.

If you’re on the East Coast or interested in hurricane alerts, there’s a lot of feeds to follow including the National Hurricane Center and Hurricane Hunters.

Our favorite for weather imagery from high up is NOAA Satellites.

9. Your Supply Chain

Finally, follow every the Twitter account of every organization in your supply chain. Companies often use their Twitter to report disruptions or outages so this can be a great place to learn of your potential risk before the outage happens.

For example, our operations team stocks Cradlepoint devices so we follow the company on Twitter. This allows us to keep up to date on our devices and service.

Bonus Follow: Agility Recovery

Rounding out the list is…us! In our unbiased opinion, our Twitter feed is excellent. It’s filled with both original content and retweets from industry leaders. We’d tell you more about it, but you should just follow us instead.

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