Agility Acquires Recovery Solutions

Sep 29, 2020

I'm excited to announce Agility has acquired Recovery Solutions, further strengthening our market-leading position and adding deep industry expertise within the highly regulated financial sector. 

With Recovery Solutions, we've added purpose-built, audit-ready compliance solutions for banks and credit unions, including: 

  • A proven business continuity process and audit-ready reporting methodology that matches FFIEC compliance guidelines, making it easy for banks and credit unions to achieve and maintain compliance.  
  • Technical integrations with core processing providers and the ability to test within their financial supply chain. 
  • Mobile Banking Units purpose-built and tailored to the specific workspace recovery needs of banks and credit unions, including banking-specific functionality such as drive-up windows, teller stations, safes, and ATMs.  

Recovery Solutions has deep experience and relationships in the highly regulated banking industry. Over the years, they have been working closely with core providers to deliver audit-ready testing, reporting, and recovery services, which help banking customers achieve stronger FFIEC compliance and resiliency as part of their business continuity program. 

As business continuity becomes increasingly complex, Agility breaks down the process into simple, manageable steps that help any business prepare and plan for any disruption. Studies have shown that businesses can recover up to 4x faster with an end-to-end business continuity solution. We're proud to be the preferred business continuity provider for thousands of companies worldwide who have chosen Agility to help protect their people, prepare their business, and plan for any disruption. 

Today's acquisition marks the third acquisition in less than two years, while Agility continues to enhance our end-to-end business continuity solution, making it simple, yet comprehensive, for our customers to do business with one partner. 

In February 2019, Agility acquired Preparis, a SaaS emergency notification system that allows businesses to alert and communicate with their employees at the touch of a button, on any device, no matter where the location.

In December 2018, we added Rentsys to further expand the flexibility and footprint of workspace recovery solutions, which has allowed us to better serve customers and offer even faster RTOs. We've rapidly expanded to provide the industry's only comprehensive business continuity solution, which helps organizations plan, train, test, alert, and recover – all in one simple solution.  

Agility is pleased to announce this new acquisition that enhances our ability to live our mission: to reduce the impact of business interruptions on organizations and the communities they serve. We're inspired to continue our 30-year legacy while adapting to the ever-changing business continuity landscape with new ideas and innovative solutions.  


Jon Bahl, CEO, Agility

Jon Bahl Agility Recovery

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