Agility Safety Pass & Health Safety Management [Plus Infographic]

Apr 22, 2021

Agility Safety Pass - Health Safety & Contact Tracing System for Businesses

Returning to Office Challenges

With many organizations returning to business as usual and making return to office plans, it can be challenging maintaining a safe environment for employees, vendors, and visitors.

  • How do you determine who is safe to come to the office in person and reduce possible virus exposure? With staff, customers, and vendors coming into your building, businesses will need to make sure everyone has been pre-screened and is safe to enter.
  • How do you efficiently manage the office building entry process? As people come to your site, you will want to make sure you have a safe and efficient method of verifying who has been pre-screened and admitting individuals inside the building without exposing them to crowded entry lines etc.
  • How do you track potential risks of exposure? Suppose a confirmed case of COVID-19 occurs within your organization or at one of your locations. Your business will need to determine potential exposures and act quickly to minimize and isolate the spread.

Health Safety & Contact Tracing Solution: Agility Safety Pass

Agility Safety Pass is a digital platform to help businesses streamline and manage COVID-19 safety processes with employee self-certification and temperature screening, facility entry verification, data monitoring, and contact tracing.  The intelligent survey tool accelerates health status confirmation of stakeholders while monitoring safety information needed to make data-driven decisions.

See Safety Pass In Action

Get a demo and see how Agility Safety Pass can help streamline health safety management, contact tracing, and the return to office process at your organization.

Features & How It Works

  • Digital Health Screening - Design and schedule certification emails allowing staff and guests to complete health pre-screening survey before arrival.
  • Digital Badging System - Digital badges are assigned to respondents based on survey results providing health verification for safe entry on site.
  • Streamlined Safe Entry - Verification of the status of those entering the facility can be handled by scanning the app, visually reviewing badges, or via the status web portal. 
  • Safety Data Monitoring - Easily monitor employee, vendor, and visitor health statuses, flagging anyone who reports symptoms or positive COVID-19 test results. 
  • Real-Time Reports - Flagged reports are escalated to start the process of close contact listing of anyone exposed for quick notification and action.
  • Close Contact Tracing - Use badge data and advanced hybrid scheduling modules to accurately determine list of potential exposures in same location.

Agility Safety Pass gives another layer of protection and peace of mind for you, your employees, and any visitors you may have entering your premises. You can easily access Safety Pass within Agility Central, for a simple and unified way to manage your entire business continuity process, including communications and planning, all in one simple solution. One partner, one low cost, one coordinated business continuity provider to keep your people safe and your operations going.

The post-pandemic road ahead may present some speed bumps, but Agility is here to help navigate. Request a personalized demo below to see how Agility Central and Agility Safety Pass can help optimize your business continuity program.

[Infographic] Agility Safety Pass

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