Business How-To’s This National Preparedness Month

Sep 1, 2023

This National Preparedness Month, we have more helpful resources to share with you. Agility Recovery’s more than three decades of industry expertise allowed us to gather various relevant materials to support any preparedness effort. No threat – a hurricane, a wildfire, a terrorist attack, or an isolated incident – is too small.

To help businesses become more aware of any potential threats and risks, we’re sharing the following tactics. Planned preparations build a culture of preparedness and protect your business assets. Because it’s never too late (or early!) to develop a contingency plan, below are the steps your organization can take to make its potential recovery less consuming and costly.

Steps to Preparedness

1. Plan to Stay in Business

Downtime can be costly for a business of any size. If there’s a risk your operations may be interrupted, you need to have a plan of how to get your lights back on in case of disruption. Use our comprehensive business continuity checklist to plan for the unexpected.

2. Talk to Your Employees and Coworkers

The workforce is a company’s most precious asset. Sharing your plan across your team and training everyone involved on their roles will help your company become operational faster. Your business continuously evolves, and so should your plan. Review it regularly and include your teams to help them understand their responsibilities in disaster planning.

3. Protect Your Investment and Assets

To help your business mitigate risks more effectively, prioritize which of them pose more of a threat. Consider the following to safeguard your business continuity:

  • Review your insurance coverage and all related terms.
  • Back up your data and store it offsite. Practice recovering it remotely.
  • Involve your vendors in your business continuity plan. Develop alternative relationships with other vendors in case your current partners are unable to follow your guidelines.

Your business can mitigate most of the damages by establishing thorough business continuity and disaster recovery plan. An organization that thinks about how to get its employees back on the job in case of disruption is more likely to keep its lights on. Take action now to protect the success of your company and to fulfill your promise to the community.

Preparedness Kit

Download our National Preparedness Month Kit for a collection of our top content.