County Wide Insurance: Workspace Recovery for a Local Community

Success Story


County Wide Insurance 


As an independent insurance agency in Dexter, Missouri, agents at County Wide Insurance form close relationships with their customers throughout Arkansas and Missouri. Clients rely on County Wide for car and homeowners insurance, and they provide businesses with complete commercial insurance needs. With their diverse clientele, advisors can handle agricultural insurance one day and a custom business owners policy the next. Each customer is treated as if they’re the only one, and County Wide offers personal assistance like that on a 24/7 schedule.


Local weather services started to broadcast warnings of an incoming ice storm and that residents should plan for the worst. When the storm hit, power was knocked out for almost half of the state of Missouri, affecting more than one million residents. Trees that collapsed under the weight of snow and ice crushed cars, damaged houses, and blocked roads. County Wide’s customers needed a stabilizing force to offer guidance and begin the recovery process, but the storm impacted their own offices. 


Jason Comfort at County Wide Insurance reached out to Agility to request a generator to power their office. Within seven hours of making the call, a generator was deployed and operational in their parking lot. 


County Wide Insurance was open and fully operational the day after the storm. Not only were agents able to begin the recovery process by filing claims for their clients, but they also opened the doors of their 13,000 square foot office to set up 40 beds and a warming station. Locals without power in their homes could recover inside their office with access to clean water, heat, and an Internet connection. Agility’s services made County Wide the only functioning business in their region and allowed them to go above and beyond to help their community. 

We were able to be a bright light in this city, to shine and help a lot of people and it’s all due to Agility Recovery’s quick response and their service. There’s no price tag to put on the service we had because of the relationship we have with Agility.

Jason Comfort, Commercial Lines Agent