Ensuring a Regional Bank’s Business Continuity

Success Story
Nov 7, 2018

Regional Bank Utilizes Mobile Recovery Unit

Bank's business continuity isn't just a formal phrase; it has a deep meaning that touches everyone in the surrounding community.

Local and regional banks have strong commitments to the communities they serve. They operate as the center of the local economy and are part of the daily lives of residents and small businesses. Any change in how these banks operate means a change in the community, and change brings uncertainty. Their customers look to them as a stable institution, and they need to be assured that their money will be protected no matter what happens. 


An Agility customer who operates regional bank branches in Northern and Central California recently acquired a new market. During their inspections, they noticed mold and asbestos in one location that would require extensive remodeling and remediation. Immediate attention was required to ensure employees' and customers' safety, so continuing operations inside the bank as repairs were made was out of the question. Our client needed a way to maintain continuity for a branch and its customers that they were newly responsible for. 


After discussing their recovery options, they requested a ReadyFinancial mobile bank branch be deployed to their location. That same day, we deployed the required assets to the existing branch parking lot to restore normal operations. Each mobile branch is a complete recovery unit with teller counters, cash drawers, check-writing stations, a safe, and tables and chairs for meetings. We normally provide Internet and communications in our mobile units. However, with their building still operational, we connected their existing utilities to the mobile branch unit and avoided any extra costs. 


By recovering at their existing location, they provided customers with reliable service without the added challenges of moving the branch and employees and rerouting customers to a new location. The client was originally scheduled to operate out of the ReadyFinancial unit for two weeks, but repairs to the building prolonged their stay. The solutions we offer are flexible, and their recovery was extended for an additional two and a half months.