Lake Oconee Academy Case Study

Success Story
May 29, 2019

Communicating During a Crisis

The number one priority of schools is to ensure the safety of students and faculty. While school safety plans are required for all schools, many schools are left with faculty members who are unaware of how to utilize them. Lake Oconee Academy found it challenging when trying to communicate appropriately with staff, parents, and crisis team members during an emergency. The school also wanted to learn more about how they could improve the way they were currently managing critical situations.

Staying Prepared

Since making the decision to trust Preparis with their communication efforts, Lake Oconee Academy has found that “emergency preparedness doesn’t have to be so difficult.”

Agility’s Preparis app helped the academy with streamlining their communication among the faculty, students and their parents, along with providing a database of trainings and tabletop exercises.

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