Operations Report on Business Interruptions & Recoveries April

May 10, 2018

April Operations Report on Business Interruptions

While the month of April tends to be an active month due to seasonal flooding and spring severe weather, our April 2018 remained relatively quiet compared to previous years. Our Operations Teams weren’t waiting on the sidelines, however. Throughout the month, we deployed recovery resources (declare) 6 times and were placed on standby (alert) 14 times. In the course of handling declares, our Operations Team distributed recovery resources to 6 different states in response to both planned and weather-related business interruptions.

After starting off the year with a busy first quarter of alerts and declares, the business interruption activity dropped off a bit during the month of April. However, despite a small decrease in the number of declares, our Operations Team managed a massive number of customer tests. Thank you to everyone involved in these. P.S. More news to come next month as we begin taking action on the results from our annual tabletop test conducted in May.

Agility Recovery CIO, Operations

We also facilitated 64 customer test exercises across 5 locations:

  • At 3 of our primary operations facilities – Las Vegas, NV;  Atlanta, GA; Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • At 2 remote testing facilities – Sacramento, CA; Austin, TX

Declares & Alerts

Operations Report on Business Interruptions April 2018 - Webster CU

The credit union’s website references the planned renovation with operations moving into the mobile branch.

1. Regional Credit Union – Dudley, MA – Planned Relocation Due to Branch Renovation

This credit union is among the largest in the state of Massachusetts, with 17 locations throughout Central and Eastern Massachusetts. In this case, they are planning a large-scale renovation of an existing branch, but wish to ensure services are still available in the town of Dudley. To facilitate the simplest and most effective recovery, we delivered a single-wide ReadyFinancial mobile branch with all the necessary interior furnishings, including teller stations, desks, chairs, and stools. Due to the planned nature of the recovery, we were able to connect the mobile branch to existing utilities and network infrastructure, a great example of the flexibility of our ReadyFinancial solution. The customer anticipates working out of the mobile branch for approximately 4 to 5 months.

2. Colorado Department of State – Denver, CO – Training Class Requiring Laptops

This customer was facilitating a week-long, off-site training course for a group of their employees and they needed access to laptops. Due to their membership with us, they were able to alert us to their needs and we immediately shipped a dozen laptops pre-configured to their specifications, along with one extra for good measure, through our QuickShip service. They were only subject to the laptop shipping charges for the duration of their declare, as we don’t charge alert, declare, or usage fees.

Operations Report on Business Interruptions April 2018 - Amazon Roof 1

The roof damage to this fulfillment center is clearly visible in this photo, as is damage to the rooftop HVAC unit.

3. Global Online Retailer – Twinsburg, OH – Severe Weather

This global retailer operates fulfillment centers all across the country and in this case, a strong 70 mph downburst associated with severe weather tore a hole in the roof of their facility in Twinsburg, Ohio. Immediately after discovering the damage, our customer alerted us of the potential need to relocate operations to a suitable facility nearby. We immediately connected with several real estate partners to source appropriate warehouse space in the vicinity, producing 3 options within a short distance. Because of the nature of the damage and the ability of the customer to temporarily relocate operations for the brief timeframe repairs would require on their own, this business interruption did not escalate to a declare. However, the customer was appreciative of our services and resourcefulness in obtaining several possible locations.

Additional Notable Declares:

  • Global Online Retailer – Riverside, CA – Temporary restrooms due to planned renovation
  • Community Bank – Elberton, GA – Renovations to the existing headquarters branch office
  • Global Online Retailer – Seattle, WA – Temporary restrooms due to water supply interruption
  • International Educational Institution – New York, NY – Phone redirect due to inclement weather

Additional Notable Alerts:

  • Community Bank – Chancellor, SD – Planned recovery during renovation
  • Senior Care Facility – Toronto, ON – Power outage due to severe weather
  • Credit Union – Tallahassee, FL – Planned relocation due to branch renovations
  • Regional Bank – Uniontown, AL – Possible relocation due to water supply interruption
  • Long-Term Care Facility – Toronto, ON – Possible power outage due to severe weather
  • Senior Care Facility – St. Catherines, ON – Possible power outage due to severe weather
  • Global Online Retailer – Charlotte, NC – Possible power outage due to severe weather
  • Automobile Retailer – Philadelphia, PA – Possible power outage due to severe weather at 2 locations
  • Healthcare Supplements Supplier – Riverside, CA – Power outage
  • Convenience Store – Greensboro, NC – Power outage due to tornado
  • Public Affordable Housing Provider – West Valley City, UT – Communications interruption
  • Pavement Machinery Manufacturer – Chattanooga, TN – Communications interruption due to severe weather

Ongoing Business Recoveries from Prior Months:

We also supported 6 ongoing business recoveries during the month of April, including the following:

  • Online Retailer – Temporary restroom facilities due to increased staffing
  • Regional Bank – ReadySuite Financial mobile bank branch due to a building fire
  • Agricultural Supplier – Cellular communications router due to severed phone lines
  • Small Municipality – Temporary space due to a building fire
  • Global Logistics Firm – Communications recovery due to an office relocation
  • Medical Equipment Supplier – Site-to-site VPN Cradlepoint device due to an ISP outage