Operations Report: March 2019

May 14, 2019

Our monthly report on the number and types of business interruptions we have responded to and companies we have recovered, providing our unparalleled business continuity and disaster recovery solutions.



This month, we continued helping different businesses avoid downtime and serve their communities. Spring weather kept our Operations Team busy across 14 states and 1 Canadian province.

We’ve received 20 calls for assistance from our customers, maintaining a steady activity. Isolated events remain the most popular business disruptors, with only seven disasters being weather-related. In the end, of those 20 customer interruptions, a total of four escalated to a declare status where we deployed recovery resources. Meanwhile, our Operations Team continued to support 3 other ongoing customer recoveries from prior months while also completing 16 customer test exercises across our operations facilities.

Here are four successful recoveries we’ve completed in March:

  • A global organization in Laurel, NE, needed a mobile office recovery caused by flooding. This customer with more than 71,000 employees and 2,300 offices worldwide declared on a full mobile solution for their local employees. Even though it was only a team of less than a dozen members, the company recognized the value in recovering their office in Nebraska and ensuring uninterrupted services in the community.

  • A regional bank in Livermore, CA, declared a mobile recovery center due to a pipe burst. A regional bank with more than 10,000 employees experienced an office-wide disruption. To recuperate from the unexpected, they declared on a Mobile Recovery Center to provide a complete office recovery. In spite of this recovery, this organization was able to move forward with its testing plans in less than 60 days. It allowed them to validate the importance of regular testing.

  • An education agency in Mahopac, NY, requested voicemail services backup due to telecom outages. This customer experienced a localized connectivity disruption, affecting their communication with students and teachers. They immediately declared a disaster with us, allowing our mobile operations team to deploy necessary equipment. Regardless of the size of a company, this declaration incident proved once again that communication is paramount and can’t be sustained without access to power and communication back-ups.

  • A non-profit organization in Commerce City, CO, lost power due to a severe winter storm. This customer called us following a power outage. However, the power requirements weren’t provided, so Agility sourced an electrician to help them obtain this information. Even though this alert didn’t escalate to a declare status, this non-profit benefited from reaching out to us and going through the alert process as it served as a test exercise.

In the meantime, we also supported three ongoing recoveries from previous months, making sure our clients have everything they need when they need it.

We invite you to learn more about what we do or connect with us to chat about how we can help your business avoid any interruptions.

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