Regional Bank Case Study

Success Story
Nov 7, 2018

Regional Bank Uses Mobile Branch Unit After Discovering Asbestos and Mold

New Branch, Old Problems

Local and regional banks across the country have a deep commitment to the communities they serve. They operate as centers of the local economy, and not only provide financial services for residents of the cities and towns in which they reside, but also for a significant portion of the business community.

In late 2017, one of our regional banking customers in California contacted us to determine their options for recovery. They operate a branch network throughout Northern and Central California and recently acquired a few older bank branches during expansion. In one branch, they found asbestos and mold. It was obvious they would be forced to shutter the location for the remediation process as well as for extensive remodeling.

Mobile Unit Deployed

They requested deployment of one of our mobile branch office units to help restore operations at the affected location. We quickly mobilized all the assets required to set up our ReadyFinancial bank disaster recovery solution in the parking lot of their existing location.

We also provided all the necessary interior furnishings you would find in a typical bank branch, such as teller counters with cash drawers, check writing stations, a safe, and tables and chairs for the team. In this case, we were also able to assist our customer in connecting existing utilities to the mobile branch unit, avoiding the necessity of generator power and any replacement connectivity solutions for phones and internet access.

Business, Uninterrupted

By recovering at their existing location, they were able to consistently serve their customers and community without the extra challenges of relocating employees or finding and outfitting a new location.

Initially, our customer anticipated using the mobile unit for only two weeks, but it soon became clear they would need it much longer. Because our solutions are flexible, we easily extended the recovery for two and a half months until they could return to their asbestos-free branch.