//August Operations Report on Business Interruptions & Recoveries

August Operations Report on Business Interruptions & Recoveries


The month of August was relatively quiet for our customers, leading up to a very tumultuous September. In August we deployed physical resources to three customers experiencing business interruptions, which are detailed below. Our Operations Team also received 20 other Alerts from our customers, the majority of which were a result of isolated incidents unrelated to weather events.

In addition to the Alerts and Declares mentioned above, the Operations Team simultaneously supported 12 other customer recoveries from prior months and facilitated 35 total customer test exercises.

The following is a brief summary of the business interruptions and recoveries that took place this August.

Our Team Performed Three Physical Recoveries 

1. Burst Pipe in Houston Sends Office Looking for New Accommodations

With a sprawling, modern headquarters building in Houston, Texas, this software and cloud applications development firm desires only the best accommodations for their team members. Unfortunately, in early August, a pipe burst flooding the entire third floor of their office. With an immediate need to relocate more than 60 of their personnel including the full C-Suite, they contacted us to secure a ReadyOffice location nearby. As a $2 Billion organization with 6,000 employees worldwide, the leadership had to quickly secure a new location offering private offices, collaboration areas, and conference room facilities. In short order, we sourced two suitable locations for their respective teams and the organization occupied these offices for 24 days. They then moved again to accommodations in one of their own buildings for the duration of the remediation work at their headquarters.

2. Truck Knocks Out Pole and Productivity for Logistics Firm

This global supply chain logistics management firm based in Tokyo, Japan is a $4 Billion company with over 16,000 employees. Their Long Island location experienced a communications interruption after a vehicle accident outside their office. A truck struck a utility pole, knocking out internet and voice communications. They immediately contacted us requesting a Cradelpoint LTE device to restore data connectivity at this critical warehousing location with about 35 employees. They lost connectivity for over 3 days, but our customer maintained operations seamlessly using our wireless connectivity service.


3. Back-to-Wealth-Managers-School List Includes Laptops

This large holding company, which oversees more than $19 billion in client assets, operates a number of subsidiary organizations that provide wealth management and investment advisory services to individuals and institutions. Their headquarters office in Ruston, Louisiana routinely conducts internal
training programs, which in this case required some additional laptop computers to facilitate the sessions. We worked with the company’s CIO to determine their needs and delivered 25 laptops to their door for the subsequent training program.

We Responded to 20 Customer Alerts

  • Global Online Retailer – East Point, GA – Alert for possible office space needs due to water main break
  • Investment Firm – Richardson, TX – Alert for local power outage
  • Call Center – Toronto, ON – Alert for local power outage
  •  Regional Bank – Cave Spring, GA – Alert for mobile retail bank branch due to nearby flooding
  •  Business Printing Services Firm – Seattle, WA – Alert for local power outage
  •  National Clothing Retailer – Philadelphia, PA – Alert for local power outage
  • Petroleum Industry Supplier – Houston, TX – Alert for possible planned office space needs
  • Global Online Retailer – Hazel Park, MI – Alert for local power outage
  •  National Clothing Retailer – Industry, CA – Alert for local power outage
  • Collections Firm – Colorado Springs, CO – Alert for Internet connectivity due to local outage
  • Local Credit Union – Hillside, MI – Alert for severe weather
  • Pharmaceutical Logistics Firm – Indianapolis, IN – Alert for power outage due to utility failure
  • Manufacturing Firm – Tulsa, OK – Alert for local power outage
  • Local Bank – Auburndale, MA – Alert for planned utility maintenance
  • Commercial Insurance Provider – Los Angeles, CA – Alert for office space due to plumbing leak
  • Food Service Supplier – Kahului, HI – Alert for Hurricane Hector
  • Medical Professional Association – Reston, VA – Alert for local power outage
  •  Manufacturing Firm – Elkhart, IN – Alert for local power outage
  • Municipality – New Holstein, WI – Alert for tornado damage
  • Municipality – Kingston, WI – Alert for local power outage

Ongoing Business Recoveries from Prior Months

We also supported 12 other ongoing recoveries during the month of August including the following:

  • Regional Bank – Billings, MT – Mobile branch recovery due to building fire
  • Regional Credit Union – Dudley, MA – Planned mobile branch recovery due to branch renovation
  • Regional Bank – Elberton, GA – Planned mobile branch recovery due to branch renovation
  • Small Municipality – Cavendish, VT – Space recovery due to building fire at a garage facility
  • Regional Bank – Jackson, TN – Computer hardware QuickShip recovery due to in-house training event
  • Private Country Club – Clifton, NJ – Planned recovery due to facility renovation
  • Regional Credit Union – St. Petersburg, FL – Planned mobile branch recovery due to branch construction
  • Local Credit Union – Gadsden, AL – Planned recovery due to new employee training
  • Regional Bank – Fort Worth, TX – Planned generator recovery because of prolonged power outage
  • Regional Bank – Houston, TX – Planned long-term relocation due to closure of existing location
  • Small Municipality – Lafayette, OR – Mobile space recovery due to a building fire at one of their utility
    plant locations
  • Global Online Retailer – Logan Township, NJ – Supplemental restrooms due to facility construction
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