//Business Continuity Tips to Celebrate Baseball’s Opening Day

Business Continuity Tips to Celebrate Baseball’s Opening Day

The boys of summer are back on the diamond today, with all 30 major league baseball teams scheduled for action on the earliest Opening Day in league history. We thought this would be a great opportunity to share a few business continuity tips inspired by America’s favorite pastime.

Business Continuity Tips


Every strong baseball team needs a great bullpen, full of relief pitchers who can enter the game, take over and bring home a win.

When it comes to business continuity planning, be sure you have a bullpen of team players who can step into critical roles during a recovery. You never know when your starting lineup will be unavailable to manage your recovery.


This off-speed breaking ball pitch throws batters off, and there may be no better baseball analogy in business continuity than the curveballs you’ll inevitably face during a disaster.

You must build flexibility and agility into your plan to accommodate situations that are unexpected and occur with little to no warning.

Designated Hitter

A full-time hitter, no fielding required. They take the heat off the pitcher who has a different, essential job.

Your business continuity strategy can also use a designated hitter and allow your key players to focus on their essential tasks. Experienced, reliable vendors like Agility Recovery (full disclosure: that’s us) allow you to put the very best player at the plate for the “game-winning” hit when you need it most!


When a pitcher begins the pitching motion but doesn’t throw the ball, runners are awarded an extra base.

Your recovery strategy needs defined decision points where you take action based on the information available at the time. During an emergency, there is no time for a balk. Plan your decisions and follow through with the pitch.

Hit for the Cycle

To accomplish this epic feat: hit a single, double, triple, and a home run all in the same game.

For business continuity planning, hitting the cycle means going through the cycle of all the possible situations you’ll utilize the plan for, while addressing any gaps and inefficiencies you find along the way. Of course, you’ll need to step up to the plate first by testing your plan to ensure it’s ready to perform when you need it for the big game.

Pinch Hitter

This player substitutes for another hitter on the team during the game and serves as a great metaphor for cross-training your employees across the organization in the most critical functions.

You never know when someone from marketing or sales may have to pinch hit for a colleague in customer service, or someone from operations may have to step into an IT support role. But to come in for a pinch hit, those players must be trained ahead of time.

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