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5 Things Businesses Can Learn from FEMA’s 2017 After-Action Report

FEMA recently released their 2017 After-Action Report on last year's hurricane season. The report reviews and evaluates their recovery operations in last year’s storm season, particularly in the historic hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Since the report is a little long we wanted to give you the highlights businesses need to know. These lessons will not only help you prepare your business for hurricane season, but also for any business interruption.

Operations Report on Business Interruptions & Recoveries Q1

The first quarter of 2018 brought a number of unique incidents and significant weather events causing business interruptions for our customers. Throughout the first three months of the year, our Operations Team responded to 112 separate business interruptions, of which 27 required us to deploy recovery resources (declares). These 112 events took place across 28 U.S. states and Canadian Territories.

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