Business interruptions jeopardize both financial solvency and information flow and can harm the people vital to your operations. Agility helps law firms recover from any business interruption. We provide all the tools you need to resume operations quickly so that you can keep your employees safe and focus on your obligations to clients even under the worst of circumstances.


Agility Makes Law Firms Resilient

Prioritize Employee Safety

Quickly and easily communicate with a "work-from-anywhere" workforce. 

Simplify Recovery Processes

Let our expert team manage your business continuity testing and complete restoration of critical functions.

Reduced Downtime

Agility helps you get back to work quicker so you can continue serving your clients and maintain a positive working relationship with them.

Get Back to Business Fast

Learn how firms like yours utilize Agility's recovery services to keep employees safe, mitigate risk, and reduce downtime.

Learn more about Agility’s all-in-one approach to business continuity.

Get Back to Business Fast

See how other firms like yours are utilizing Agility's recovery services to keep employees safe, mitigate risk, and reduce downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve never dealt with a disruptive incident. 

  • That’s great news, but if we learned anything from 2020, not having a plan is planning to fail. We understand you have never dealt with a major disruption before, but if one does occur, how will you handle it? 
  • While you may not have dealt with a major business disruption in the past, something as simple as a building power outage, local construction work, or COVID-19 outbreak could interrupt operations.

Our executive director doesn’t see value in a tool like this. 

  • In order to stay competitive with other firms, you need to maintain a good reputation with clients (i.e., up and running no matter what so you can serve clients and meet contractual obligations). To do so, you need to keep employees safe, mitigate impacts of an incident, and remain compliant with industry regulations. Agility can help with each of these initiatives with an all-in-one, cost-effective solution so you don’t have to patchwork quilt your program together. 
  • Chances are, your competitors are leveraging a tool to keep their employees safe and their plan updated. Have you discussed with your ED how much it would cost the firm to be down for 24 or 48 hours?