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Agility Planner and RecoveryPlanner are intuitive business continuity planning and preparation tools that streamline, simplify, and support your BC management process. Agility Planner and RecoveryPlanner have been developed to help your business go from reactive to proactive with its business continuity planning.


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Conquer the daunting task of business continuity planning and get step-by-step guidance to build your plans by answering quick questions and following simple, actionable steps. 

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Simple Business Continuity Planning

BC planning doesn't have to be complex. With our tools and team guiding you through the process, build and store your plans in one central location for quick use and access.

Audit-Ready Compliance

Maintain business continuity plans and incident management activity and history to help achieve audit-ready compliance in one central platform.

Executive-Level Reporting

Create executive reports and dashboards to provide visibility and insight into incident management performance and emergency preparedness in real time.

Risk-Based Prioritization

Simplify risk assessment and business impact analyses with RA surveys and BIA wizards and plan for required resources and recovery strategies.

Incident Management & Crisis Communications

Receive integrated, real-time management, monitoring, and participation in incidents. Plans are simplified into playbooks, and communications and tasks are easily distributed and coordinated.

Enterprise-Wide Planning

Utilize plan templates and share or copy sections for easier creation and standardization, and enjoy easy maintenance with approval and review processes, scheduling, alerts, and reminders.

Central Business Continuity Planning Platform

Agility Central is the industry’s only way to plan, train, test, alert, and recover from any device at any time.

  • Incident management and BC planning in one platform. 
  • Cloud-based with anytime, anywhere access on multiple device types. 

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Plan Templates, Historical Data & Reporting

Agility Planner allows you to stay focused on other mission-critical projects while keeping you compliant with audit-ready plans for easy reference, access to historical data, and centralized document storage to maintain incident records and manage BC documents with anytime, anywhere access. 

  • Easily create a BCP that is prepopulated with necessary data and processes from 30+ years of BC expertise. 

  • Capture the inputted information as data for informed decision-making so that it can be sorted and presented for incident management. 

  • Monitor and measure performance and metrics in real-time, and easily create an executive summary of the process to share with company stakeholders. 

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Organizational Resilience

Manage, plan for, and assess organizational resilience areas centrally for integrated analytics, enterprise-wide planning, and incident response with RecoveryPlanner

  • Centralize business continuity, disaster recovery, cybersecurity planning, operational/vendor risk management, crisis/emergency management, and emergency notifications. 

  • Improve your continuity analytics, organizational resilience management, and execution of plans.  

  • Develop and maintain enterprise-wide sustainable continuity programs that meet your compliance requirements. 

Business Continuity Plan Maintenance & Support

Take advantage of convenient and time-saving editing, prompt plan updates, and tracking of task dependencies and deadlines, which is helpful for growing businesses that are hiring new employees or managing additional facilities. 

  • Using a built-in calendar reminder, ensure timely execution of all tasks and quickly adjust to organizational changes, so that your team members stay on track with their projects.  

  • Notify new team members of task assignments and due dates.

  • Plan your recovery by location.

  • Subscribe to critical dates.

  • Add scenario-based strategies, with the ability to have multiple strategies per process.

Agility BC Plan Maintenance
embedded consultant

Embedded Consultant

Conquer the daunting task of BCP creation and get the right guidance to complete a BCP by answering quick questions and following simple, actionable steps. 

  • Identify missing components and develop a recommended roadmap to help address the gaps.  

  • The only solution on the market that offers an embedded consultant to guide you through the process of BCP creation, breaking down the process into simple, actionable steps. 

Company-wide Engagement

Make it easy for the entire organization to be involved in the business continuity strategy. Help create a company-wide culture of preparedness, promote leadership’s buy-in, and increase organizational resilience. 

company-wide engagement
Training Checklists

Training and Notifications

Central location for online training and emergency alerts 

  • Subscribe to and publish automated FEMA alerts with seamless integration to IPAWS 
  • Online training that includes more than 100 threat-specific topics

Frequently Asked Questions

What processes are part of business continuity planning and business impact analysis?

BIA determines the priority of business functions, defines continuity timing, highlights critical dates, and assigns strategy. In order to complete a BCP, you need to start with a BIA. 

Business continuity planning is the process of creating systems of prevention and recovery to deal with potential threats to an organization. The goal of business continuity planning is to enable ongoing operations before, during, and after an incident, which this the framework for establishing organizational resilience and preparedness.  

The three fundamental steps to creating a business continuity program are: 
1. Identify and prioritize business processes to define the plan(s) you need (BIA) 
2. Define your continuity strategy and build a plan (BCP) 
3. Ensure awareness and validate plans with periodic exercises

What is a business continuity plan?

A BCP outlines how a business will function if its operations get interrupted. The goal of a robust Business Continuity Plan is to keep the fundamental processes of a company operational during a disaster and to reduce downtime. A business continuity plan may consider various scenarios, such as natural disasters, wildfires, cyberattacks, workplace violence, or any isolated incident.

What is a Business Impact Analysis (BIA)?

BIA is a process that determines and evaluates the potential effects of an interruption on the critical business functions and defines a recovery strategy. The results of the BIA provide the foundation for effective continuity planning with a focus on business priorities.

Who should be involved in developing a BIA or building a BCP?

Several individuals who represent different essential departments should be involved in the BIA development. Specifically: 

  • Project lead/champion—usually a dedicated business continuity professional or a person who is assigned with building the plan for your organization. 
  • A member of an executive team to get leadership buy-in. 
  • The department heads. 
  • Team members who are assigned with a specific task as part of the BCP.

What businesses require a business continuity plan?

Some organizations, especially those in healthcare, financial, and governmental sectors, are required by law to have a business continuity plan to remain operational and limit losses in the event of a disruption. Among other reasons are: 

  • Compliance with regulatory bodies (OSHA, FINRA, FFIEC, FDIC, HIPAA, etc.) 
  • FFIEC guidance for financial institutions 
  • OSHA requirements for commercial real estate clients (IDPR) 
  • A contractual obligation in the client-vendor relationship 
  • Prior experience of disruption 
  • Protect employees and assets  
  • Prevent revenue loss and damages to brand reputation 

What types of business continuity software or tools should I consider?

There are two major types of BC tools—Project Management tools and Plan Development tools. The former assist in initiating, executing, controlling, and closing the team’s work to complete tasks and comply with rules and regulations. The latter type of BC tools are the most common ones; they help in the development and documentation of recovery plans. For more information on the advantages of BC tools in BC strategy planning and management, download our comprehensive guide. 

I already have a BC plan in place. What benefit would I get from Agility Planner or RecoveryPlanner?

Many of our customers have found it difficult to distribute a BCP across multiple departments. With Agility Planner or RecoveryPlanner, various business process owners can complete their tasks in one central place and assign due dates for timely plan updates to prevent it from becoming a stale document. Agility Planner and RecoveryPlanner help centralize the BCP management process and provide our clients with any time, anywhere access to our historical data, templates, and an embedded consultant to conquer the daunting task of BC planning and management.

Which BC planning tool is right for my business?

Agility Planner is an intuitive tool for organizations looking for a centralized business continuity platform. It provides more guidance and automation, simplifying the BC planning process, and features like DRaaS and cloud solutions, guided tabletop exercises, and tools to maintain BC plans and incident history. 

RecoveryPlanner provides organizational resilience for larger-scale enterprises. It provides additional features such as risk-based prioritization and strategy, enterprise-wide planning, real-time interactive incident management, crisis communications, audit, compliance, and reporting. It is designed to meet BCM standards and regulations. 

We can help you decide which product best suits your business.

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