Prepare, Plan and Protect Your People

Simple Business Continuity Planning

BC planning doesn't have to be complex. With our tools and team guiding you through the process, build and store your plans in one central location for quick use and access.

Audit Ready Compliance

Maintain business continuity plans and incident management activity and history, to help achieve audit-ready compliance in one central platform.

Executive Level Reporting

Create executive reports and dashboards to provide visibility and insight into incident management performance and emergency preparedness in real-time.

Central Business Continuity Platform

Plan management and incident management in one platform, simplifying planning, training, preparedness, and incident response, all in one.

  • Incident management and incident history in one platform
  • Cloud-based with anytime, anywhere access on multiple device types
Preparis Dashboard Saved Messages
Document List

Document Storage and Compliance

Maintain incident history, access business continuity documents from any device, build role-based access for optimal system management.

  • Instantly store, upload, and access critical documents from any tablet, smartphone, or computer – cloud or offline access
  • Limit access to documents, folders, and plans by roles, groups, or locations

Easy Emergency Notifications Management

History and management of emergency notifications process in one platform

  • Filter and track workforce response to emergency messages – including polling capabilities
  • Two-way emergency messaging featuring voice, SMS text, email, push, and desktop notifications
  • Create call-in announcements, so employees can receive critical updates
  • Pin saved message templates to your dashboard and send alerts to recipients with 2 clicks
Preparis is the industry’s leading incident management app
Training Checklists

Train and Alert Employees

Central location for online training and emergency alerts 

  • Subscribe to and publish automated FEMA alerts with seamless integration to IPAWS 
  • Online training that includes more than 100 threat-specific topics

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