//December Operations Report on Business Interruptions & Recoveries

December Operations Report on Business Interruptions & Recoveries

A busy year of business interruptions in 2018 wound down quietly for the Operations Team during the month of December. Throughout the month, we responded to a total of 13 calls for assistance from our customers, three of which escalated to recoveries. In addition, the Operations Team supported 11 other ongoing customer recoveries from prior months while orchestrating 28 customer test exercises across our operations facilities.

Reflecting back on 2018, our team helped execute exactly 500 test exercises for our customers, ranging from simple phone redirect tests to full mobile deployment exercises. These testing events were all supported while our teams simultaneously physically recovered 145 customers from business interruptions and responded to an additional 352 Alerts affecting over 1,000 locations potentially impacted by interruptions in 2018.

The following is a brief summary of the business interruptions and recoveries that took place this December, as well as a review of our Test, Alert and Declare activity throughout the year.

Our Team Performed Three Physical Recoveries 

1. Power Outage Due to Winter Storm Diego

Global Online Retailer – Concord, NC

This distribution facility serves as a key location during the massive holiday shopping season for this global retailer. Having the facility cease operations would have caused far-reaching implications, massive loss of revenue, unthinkable customer dissatisfaction and long-term brand reputation damage. Therefore, with the threat of Winter Storm Diego bearing down, and the knowledge that transfer of electricity supply from the local utility to generator backup would require extensive on-site work, they proactively deployed a 500kW generator, connected it to the facility and operated on back-up power for four days throughout the duration of the winter storm so as to never incur any downtime during the busiest weeks of the year. We provided the generator asset as well as assistance with connecting the asset to their facility and regular fuel drops.

2. Quarterly Internal Disaster Recovery Test

Software Firm – Houston, TX

This customer provides Fortune 500 firms with software that assists functions including IT service management, data center automation, performance management, virtualization lifecycle management and cloud computing management. Each quarter, they proactively declare a disaster in a planned scenario, activating 40 ReadyOffice seats in the Houston market and distributing their own IT equipment to the site. This action provides them with immediate recoverability during this quarterly internal project during which they cannot afford more than an hour of downtime.

3. Mobile Restroom Deployment Due to Planned Maintenance

Global Online Retailer – Springfield, VA

As the month of December is among the busiest of the year for any retailer, even a minor inconvenience can turn into a major business interruption, as was the case in Springfield, Virginia at our customer’s distribution facility. A small repair turned into a significant renovation involving the restroom facilities at this location, which necessitated a temporary deployment of mobile restrooms in order to ensure a clean, comfortable space for employees. This solution was deployed December 21st, in the midst of the final moments shipments moved through the facility before Christmas day. They remained in place until renovations were completed on January 4th.

We Responded to 10 Customer Alerts

  • Credit Union – Holtville, CA – Alert due to water damage from a pipe burst in their headquarters branch
  • Insurance Firm – Niantic, CT – Alert due to area-wide internet outage
  • Insurance Firm – Sumter, SC – Alert for 8 locations in SC, NC, AR and TN due to Winter Storm Diego
  • Community Bank – Walhalla, SC – Alert due to Winter Storm Diego
  • Medical Supply Firm – Durham, NC – Alert for 5 locations in SC, NC, RI and MA due to Winter Storm Diego
  • IT Infrastructure Firm – San Jose, CA – Alert due to local area power outage
  • Auto Service Membership Club – Providence, RI – Alert for power outage due to winter weather
  • Community Bank – Paradise, CA – Alert due to nearby Wildfires
  • Healthcare Insurance Provider – Tampa, FL – Alert due to a compromised roof and water damage
  • Senior Living Facility – Oshawa, Ontario – Alert due to failed on-site generator and subsequent power outage

Ongoing Business Recoveries from Prior Months

We also supported 11 other ongoing recoveries from earlier in the year including the following:

  • Global Online Retailer – Ontario, CA – Temporary power equipment due to increased staffing needs
  • Regional Credit Union – Marianna, FL – Building damage due to Hurricane Michael
  • Regional Bank – Panama City, FL – Building damage due to Hurricane Michael
  • Regional Bank – Billings, MT – Mobile branch recovery due to building fire
  • Regional Credit Union – Dudley, MA – Planned mobile branch recovery due to branch renovation
  • Regional Bank – Elberton, GA – Planned mobile branch recovery due to branch renovation
  • Small Municipality – Cavendish, VT – Space recovery due to building fire at a garage facility
  • Private Country Club – Clifton, NJ – Planned recovery due to facility renovation
  • Regional Bank – Fort Worth, TX – Planned generator recovery because of prolonged power outage
  • Global Online Retailer – Logan Township, NJ – Supplemental restrooms due to facility construction
  • Wealth Management Firm – Ruston, LA – Computer hardware recovery due to in-house training event
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