//Disaster Recovery Tip #26: Tornado, Tomato

Even though hurricanes have dominated the news in June during Hurricane Awareness Month, tornadoes still remain a common threat across the nation. The fact is that violent tornadoes and major tornado outbreaks have been documented every month of the year in the United States. According to Accuweather, “With hundreds of tornado reports only four months in, 2017 could rival both 2008 and 2011 as one of the most active tornado seasons in recent history.”

Tornadoes routinely damage communications infrastructure, power lines and damage or destroy buildings in their path. Therefore, ensuring you have a solid emergency and business continuity plan in place is not only critical for your business, but also necessary for your employees, their families and your community.

These types of disasters and other unexpected incidents come in all shapes and sizes. So for those who may say, “It’ll never happen to me…” or “we will just wing it,” they will soon find that luck is not a strategy. Don’t be caught by surprise. Think ahead and lay the groundwork for your business continuity program now. Below are just a few resources to help you prepare, plan for and recover from tornadoes:


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