//Disaster Recovery Tip #37: The Reality of Power Outages

Disaster Recovery Tip #37: The Reality of Power Outages

Power loss is the #1 interruption to which Agility responds. In fact, nearly 70% of ALL businesses in the United States will lose power sometime in the next 12 months.

But despite the reality and frequency of this threat, the majority of organizations are woefully unprepared to withstand such an event or recover from it quickly.

Make sure you’re ready to respond to a power interruption by downloading this free power and generator checklist which includes tips on:

  • Protecting equipment in advance of an outage
  • Preparing your site for generator power
  • Safely operating a generator during an outage

Also, be sure to check out our upcoming webinar, “Recover From the Most Likely Disaster: Power Outage“, part of our 2015 National Preparedness Month Series.

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