//Disaster Recovery Tip #4: Nation Watches as First Major Storm Develops

Disaster Recovery Tip #4: Nation Watches as First Major Storm Develops

The first major winter storm of the year is catching the nation’s attention as it threatens the eastern US with record breaking ice and snow accumulation.

And while residents in the immediate path of the system begin to prepare, it’s important no matter where you live to remember the serious threats that come along with such storms. Here are a few tips to help you prepare:

  • Prepare for power outages: Heavy snow and ice can quickly knock out power. Make sure your family is prepared for long periods of time without heat or lights. Get tips on how to prepare by reviewing this power and generator checklist. 
  • Don’t travel: Frozen precipitation, even small amounts can cripple a city. Washington, DC was crippled by hundreds of wrecks last night and a few residents were forced to sleep in their vehicles following a very small accumulation of snow and ice.
  • Prepare your car if you have to drive: Make a simple go-bag for your car with water, blankets and other emergency tools. Watch this short video for ideas on what to pack.
  • Check on neighbors: Be sure to check in on neighbors before and after the storm, especially those who are elderly or disabled, in the event they may need assistance.

Get even more tips by downloading this free Winter Preparedness Checklist.

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