//Disaster Recovery Tip #42: Looking Ahead to Winter 2015-2016

Disaster Recovery Tip #42: Looking Ahead to Winter 2015-2016

This week, NOAA released its 2015-2016 winter weather predictions. In summary, the report predicts the southern portion of the US to be wetter and colder while the North should see warmer and drier conditions.  But as far as snow fall goes, forecasters are still unable to predict the time and severity of such systems. However, considering this year’s El Niño in addition to other seasonal factors at play, weather experts agree that the following scenarios are not out of the question:

  • California expected to get much needed mountain snow, which will help fill reservoirs for spring.
  • Texas up through the Appalachians could see significant snow fall.
  • Great Lakes area will see less lake-effect snow.
  • Interior Northwest will see little snow fall, which could prolong drought.

Above all, forecasters are urging Americans to take these winter weather predictions with a grain of salt. Remember, it only takes one system to throw the forecast off balance. Make sure you’re prepared for whatever winter brings your way by downloading this free Winter Weather Preparedness Checklist.

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