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Without exception, the best method for determining the validity and effectiveness of any business continuity strategy is the actual activation of that plan. Fortunately, most organizations aren’t placed in that scenario very often. However, we can still leverage the experiences of others to help us assess our own plans, and there is no better example of that than the past two hurricane seasons. As we have been embedded with dozens of customers recovering from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria, and now Florence and Michael, we have been afforded front row seats to the lessons and best practices gleaned from these storms.

Make no mistake, these historic storms tested the mettle of even the best-laid crisis management and disaster preparedness plans. This session will offer insights to the unique challenges which faced organizations before, during and after these storms.

Topic areas will include communications, logistics, crisis management, facilities, supply chains, employee preparedness and restoration of basic utilities. Our insight is based on the experiences of a wide variety of organizations in various industries including banking, energy, education, hospitality, retail, broadcasting, manufacturing, and more. Those who deal with business continuity, disaster recovery, emergency management and roles oriented around human resources, facilities, procurement, IT and risk management may all benefit from the content presented during this session.


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