//Evolution of Incident Management: From Binder to Mobile

Evolution of Incident Management: From Binder to Mobile

Over 10 years ago, business continuity plans were written and forgotten about, left to collect dust on a shelf making it difficult to access during an emergency. There was no easy way to assess information or communicate with employees (i.e. binders, tree phones, traditional email systems, PA systems), meaning it was difficult to initiate a plan once an incident occurred. Recently, organizations have begun adopting technology to simplify the incident management process because critical incidents can occur anytime, anywhere, and are not limited to traditional business hours. Today, organizations realize they must embrace a mobile-first strategy for incident management. This helps organizations mitigate risk, eliminate business impacts, and ensure the workforce is safe as they will be able to react to an incident faster.

In this webinar, we take a closer look at how the incident management process has evolved from manual to automated, how organizations have benefited from this progression, and why your organization should be implementing a mobile-first solution for incident management.

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