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Returning to the workplace with confidence

With many organizations returning to in-office work environments, maintaining a safe space for employees, vendors, and visitors can be challenging.

See how Agility Safety Pass offers a streamlined and secure way for companies to manage the full scope of COVID-19 safety needs, enabling your return to office plan to proceed safely and with confidence.

Health Safety & Contact Tracing System for Businesses

Agility Safety Pass is a digital platform to help businesses streamline and manage COVID-19 safety processes with vaccine and test record management, employee self-certification and temperature screening, facility entry verification, data monitoring, quarantine management, and contact tracing.

How it Works


Vaccination Record Management

Vaccination surveillance makes it easier fororganizations to communicate with employees to collect and verify vaccine status and monitor overall vaccination progress.


Testing Management

Testing surveillance helps organizations collect test results from unvaccinated employees based on schedules, and helps workplaces decide who to admit.


Contact Tracing

Rapid contact tracing based on workplace attendance, vaccination status, and test results helps to reduce virus transmission and prevents shutdowns, and facilitates communications with close contacts.


Screening Certification

Screening certification allows organizations to check employees' and visitors’ health status and symptoms before they enter the workplace.


Workplace Health Entry

With the Safety Pass entry badgedetermined by vaccination status, test result, and screening health status automatically, organizations control workplace entry with ease, as well as the capacity of certain areas in the workplace.


Quarantine Management

Quarantine management helps organizations manage and communicate with employees in quarantine status and release people from quarantine based on vaccine status and test results.

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Vaccination Record Management

Allows staff or visitors to submit vaccination records for verification, giving admins the ability to view and approve submitted vaccination records to monitor their vaccination status and stay HIPAA compliant.

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Person scanning a qr code with their phone

Area Scanning

Scan into an area before entering or attending any event, or using the Safety Pass app, scan printed QR code. Information will be recorded for contact tracing.

Contact Tracing

Keep records of who was in a facility on a particular day, so possible exposures can be identified by attendance records.

See a dashabord with the status of every employee
Chart showing positive cases over time

Health Management

Quickly identify positive cases and manage quarantine periods for affected individuals and close contacts as required.

Quarantine Management

Manage and communicate with employees in quarantine status and release people from quarantine based on vaccine status and test results.

Set a custom quarantine period for positive cases

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See how Agility Safety Pass offers the most streamlined and secure way for organizations to ensure a healthy and safe workplace with critical pandemic safety tools needed to pre-screen, verify, and monitor everyone that comes to the office.