//How to Continuously Sell the “Value-Add” of Your BCM Program (to Everyone!)

How to Continuously Sell the “Value-Add” of Your BCM Program (to Everyone!)

For years, we have heard, “you need to gain executive buy in” in order to have a successful program. While having the support of senior management is important, it is equally important to have the support from everyone you meet with at the company. You should be a well-known person within your company since the goal of a successful program is to get it engrained in the culture. It is essential that people start thinking of your program as an added benefit versus something that has to be completed each year.

Key objectives include:

  • How to get executive buy in for your plan.
  • How to socialize your plan among all employees in your organization.
  • How to “sell” your program as a benefit rather than a chore.

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