//Hurricane Michael October Operations Report

Hurricane Michael October Operations Report


The month of October was yet another historic one for our customers, particularly along the East Coast where recoveries continued as the result of Hurricane Florence and areas on the Gulf Coast devastated by Hurricane Michael.

In October, we responded to a total of 89 calls for assistance from our customers and deployed assets and personnel in 33 simultaneous recoveries.
In addition to these Alerts and Declares, the Operations Team simultaneously supported 19 other ongoing customer recoveries from prior months. Meanwhile, we also facilitated 52 customer test exercises across our three operations facilities.

The following is a brief summary of the events that took place throughout October.

Our Team Responded to 33 Simultaneous Recoveries 

  • Regional Credit Union – Marianna, FL – Building damage due to Hurricane Michael

    This credit union customer operates three branch locations in Alabama and Florida, all of which were in the forecast path of Hurricane Michael. Their Alabama offices fared relatively well through the storm, but unfortunately, the location in Marianna, Florida suffered a direct hit from the eyewall of the storm. Power and communications were down throughout the area, and their only Florida location was severely damaged. After placing us on Alert prior to the storm making landfall, the customer contacted us the day after the storm passed to inform us of their need for recovery. We deployed a single-wide mobile recovery unit along with an ADA Access Ramp, generator and both Cradlepoint LTE and satellite connectivity equipment. After formally declaring a disaster, their temporary branch was operational 3 days later. Because both power and communications access were unreliable, they kept the generator and communications equipment on site for approximately 14 days. They then transitioned to using terrestrial utilities to power the mobile unit and provide internet and phone access. They are still occupying the mobile recovery unit and are now 2 months into recovery, continuing to serve their members and support their community.

  • Machinery Manufacturer – Panama City, FL – Building damage due to Hurricane Michael

    This manufacturer of industrial linen and fabric cleaning, sorting and folding equipment is located in Panama City, Florida, one of the communities hit hardest by the hurricane. The customer enacted a robust recovery strategy days prior to the storm making landfall which included placing us on Alert status. After the storm, although much of their facility was unscathed, the administrative offices were compromised by roof damage and power and communications were non-existent. We initially deployed a 1.5 MEG generator to power their building and get the parts and machine warehouse back to operational status. Days later, we delivered a fully stocked double-wide mobile recovery unit along with additional generator power, office equipment, restroom facilities, satellite, and LTE Cradlepoint communications equipment. In addition to powering their primary facility and providing the temporary workspace, we also delivered enough office equipment to provide an additional 40 seats of workspace which they configured in vacant warehouse space on-site. Fortunately, a few days into recovery they were able to connect the temporary workspace back to terrestrial utilities for power and communications, but are still operating out of the mobile unit now 2 months after the storm made landfall. You can read more about their recovery here and here.


  • Regional Bank – Panama City, FL – Building damage due to Hurricane Michael

    As yet another institution in Panama City devastated by this Hurricane, the challenges are ongoing for a bank that serves over 70,000 customers from 22 community banking branches across the Southeast. The storm literally destroyed their office, a 4 story structure which had windows blown out and massive damage internally. The customer immediately contacted our team who deployed a single-wide mobile recovery unit along with technology, furnishings, restrooms and a generator for power. They were fortunate to utilize a Cradlepoint LTE device to establish internet connectivity as the local cellular infrastructure in their area amazingly remained intact. We also provided satellite connectivity equipment to serve as a backup during recovery. The customer was able to provide services to local customers for a period of 4 weeks following the storm, at which time they were able to secure a more permanent retail-oriented facility for branch operations nearby.


  • Insurance Firm – Lake Mary, FL – Planned recovery for increased staffing due to Hurricane Michael

    This conglomerate of independent property and liability insurance providers serves customers throughout Florida, Alabama, North and South Carolina…all areas heavily affected by the hurricanes of 2018. Following Hurricane Michael, they enacted a plan to increase staffing responsible for processing claims due to the destructive storms. They contacted us for a planned Declare involving technology assets that temporary staffing would use to process claims. We imaged and deployed laptops and dual monitors for 30 of their claims personnel responding to customers affected by the storms, enabling them to provide superior service and deliver on their promise to customers.

  • Wholesale Food Distributor – Leesburg, GA – Communications recovery due to Hurricane Michael

    This restaurant foodservice supplier experienced a communications interruption following Hurricane Michael leaving them without internet access or telephone networks. Their local provider indicated it could take weeks for service to be restored in their area, so they contacted us to deploy a Cradlepoint LTE device allowing them to restore internet and voice communications. They utilized the device on and off for a period of 3 weeks while the local connectivity was repaired.

  • Regional Bank – Belton, TX – Communications recovery due to severed internet connection

    Due to a severe flooding event in Belton, Texas, this regional bank’s internet service provider experienced a localized interruption of service which took the bank offline. In response, they called us to quickly deploy a Cradlepoint LTE device that would allow them to restore internet connectivity and get the branch back online. They utilized the device for a period of one week while their terrestrial service was restored, tested and reliable.

  • Hurricane Michael Power Recoveries:

    • Global Healthcare Provider – Multiple locations in NC and FL – 7 x 250kW generators and fuel
    • Global Online Retailer – 4 locations in GA, NC and VA – 4 x generators from 300kW to 1.5MW
    • National Retailer – Multiple locations in FL – 7 x generators from 300kW to 500kW and fuel
    • Senior Living Facility – Evans, GA – 150kW generator and fuel
    • Auto Parts Manufacturer – Tallahassee, FL – 300kW generator and fuel
    • Electrical Supply Firm – Panama City, FL – 125kW generator and fuel
    • Regional Pharmacy Chain – 2 locations in FL and VA – 2 x 100kW and 1 x 150kW generators
    • Multinational Distribution Firm – Greensboro, NC – 300kW generator
    • Insurance Firm – Albany, GA – 175kW generator and fuel
    • National Foodservice Supplier – Valdosta, GA – 750kW generator and fuel

Ongoing Business Recoveries from Prior Months

We also supported 19 other ongoing recoveries during the month of October including the following:

  • Regional Bank – Billings, MT – Mobile branch recovery due to building fire
  • Regional Credit Union – Dudley, MA – Planned mobile branch recovery due to branch renovation
  • Regional Bank – Elberton, GA – Planned mobile branch recovery due to branch renovation
  • Small Municipality – Cavendish, VT – Space recovery due to building fire at a garage facility
  • Private Country Club – Clifton, NJ – Planned recovery due to facility renovation
  • Regional Credit Union – St. Petersburg, FL – Planned mobile branch recovery due to branch construction
  • Local Credit Union – Gadsden, AL – Planned recovery due to new employee training
  • Regional Bank – Fort Worth, TX – Planned generator recovery because of prolonged power outage
  • Regional Bank – Houston, TX – Planned long-term relocation due to closure of existing location
  • Small Municipality – Lafayette, OR – Mobile space recovery due to a building fire at one of their utility plant locations
  • Global Online Retailer – Logan Township, NJ – Supplemental restrooms due to facility construction
  • Global Online Retailer – Theodore, AL – Generator recovery due to Tropical Storm Gordon
  • Wealth Management Firm – Ruston, LA – Computer hardware recovery due to in-house training event
  • Global Online Retailer – Concord, NC – 500kW Generator recovery due to Hurricane Florence
  • Global Online Retailer – Chesapeake, VA – 500kW Generator recovery due to Hurricane Florence
  • Global Online Retailer – Durham, NC – 300kW Generator recovery due to Hurricane Florence
  • Global Online Retailer – Charlotte, NC – 300kW Generator recovery due to Hurricane Florence
  • Global Online Retailer – Ashland, VA – 800kW Generator recovery due to Hurricane Florence
  • Global Online Retailer – Durham, NC – 1 MEG Generator recovery due to Hurricane Florence
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