When a major disruption strikes, Agility Incident Manager turns go time into your time to shine.

Agility Incident Manager is the purpose-built solution from the leader in business continuity solutions—powering a rapid, coordinated incident response.

Exercise your plan, activate priorities identified with Agility Planner, rally the troops, and communicate with a single touch. From start to finish, you’ve got the capabilities to just Incident Manager and go.

All-Up Incident Management

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Prioritize and Perform

Log in, set up a virtual war room, and share action lists that ensure every team member knows where to go and what to do first. Check off the easy items and keep solving.

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Stay in Sync

Work your plan supported by dashboards that deliver 360° visibility of recovery efforts and update in real time. Incident Manager delivers the information leaders need to drive the company response.

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Accelerate the Recovery

No need to cobble together capabilities. Incident Manager creates integrated incident management, helping leaders proactively identify potential fail points, flex to the next need, and restore operations quicker.

Exercise and Test

Easily plan and schedule exercises in one place to streamline the experience. Use predefined scenario templates or load your own for realistic exercises to engage your team and build muscle memory.

Evaluate and Adjust

Perform retrospectives with your testing team to capture key takeaways, including changes to make in your plan. Capture incident and exercise executive summary information right in the system.

Meet Regulatory Requirements

Generate exercise and incident audits, issue action-tracking reports, and keep results in one location to quickly show your test results, ensuring you are audit ready and compliant.

Capabilities That Inspire Confidence.

Whether you’re facing a power outage, server crash, or something truly unexpected, Incident Manager seamlessly aligns your preparation and response, with safe exercise mode, one-touch communication, real-time alerts, even call histories retained in one location for compliance—and learning to fuel improvements.

Agility Incident Manager Feature List

Free Webinar

Testing vs. Exercising: Why You Should Do Both

Can your backup systems withstand a cyberattack? How efficient is your RTO for restoring data? Are your employees familiar with emergency procedures? Business continuity testing is the most reliable way to find out. But if you're skipping regular testing, then you won't know if your organization is prepared for a disaster - until it's too late.

In this webinar, we will discuss key differences between testing and exercising and how to effectively do both.

Key topics include:

  • Differences between testing and exercising
  • Why you should be testing and exercising your plan
  • Levels of testing
  • How to make the process easier

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Incident Manager software if I already have a business continuity plan or Agility Planner or RecoveryPlanner?

With Planner, you plan the work – with Incident Manager you work the plan. With Incident Manager, your team will know what to focus on first when faced with any business interruption or testing scenario. By making your plan easy to use, your team will actually follow the plan and activate quickly. Report the incident, connect and collaborate, mobilize recovery efforts, prioritize and solve, and stay informed – all in one place.  

How does Incident Manager enhance communication within our team?

Communication is central to incident management. You can set up conference calls within the platform to start immediately, or schedule them for later, with leaders and teammates. You can also set up real or virtual war rooms to sync with team members to discuss next steps.

How does Incident Manager make us more efficient?

With just one button, you can activate your plan and send communications to quickly mobilize your team. Then, instead of stopping work to communicate that they’re done with a step before moving on, people can continue moving through tasks and Incident Manager will automatically send status changes to the command center. This enables real-time decision-making with the assurance that the data in front of you is up to date and you know where the whole team is in the recovery process.

Who is Incident Manager made for?

Incident Manager is perfect for professionals who have built their business continuity plans with Agility Planner and need an incident management tool to help put their plans into action.

Does Incident Manager help us exercise our plans?

Yes. Exercise Manager, part of Incident Manager, provides an intuitive, streamlined method to easily plan and schedule exercises all in one place. Safely go through incident processes, meet key regulatory requirements, and produce audit reports as you test and exercise your plans in real time and build muscle memory within your organization.