//The Difference Between a Resolution and a Goal

The Difference Between a Resolution and a Goal

The following article was written by CPA Solution Specialist of Agility Recovery, Trevor Mickelson, for the Association For Accounting Administration.


What is the difference between a resolution and a goal? One’s a hope. One’s a plan.

If you’re like most people, you enter the new year with high hopes and aspirations of losing weight, quitting a habit like smoking, or saving more money. Then life happens, as it always does, as it always will. We get busy – We get distracted – Our resolutions usually fall by the wayside by February 1st

Yet, when you set a S.M.A.R.T. Goal (Simple, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time sensitive) and establish a process to achieve your New Year’s aspirations, amazing things can happen not only in your personal life, but also in your business life.

In my world (where we save businesses and their livelihoods when disasters strike), there’s a commonly adapted excuse businesses have for not creating a plan pertaining to business continuity and physical disaster recovery (BC/DR). In short, they hope to have a BC/DR plan finished this year, but they don’t create actionable steps to actually get it done! They have hope, but unfortunately they still won’t have a plan when 2016 rolls around.

Sound familiar?

This seems crazy to me – I can never quite wrap my head around it when someone says something like, “It’s on my to-do list, but other things just keep popping up. But I assure you, we’ll get around to it.” Usually businesses get around to it when disaster strikes, but by then it’s too late, they’ve set themselves up for failure.

How long has your firm put off planning for workspace recovery? 1 year, 5 years, 10+ years …?

Isn’t it time you had an actual plan for what to do and where to go with your people when a disaster strikes? If you don’t have a plan that will actually work, everyone in your company is putting their time, energy, livelihood, and faith on the line and into something that may not be there tomorrow in the event of an electrical fire or leaky pipe – Let alone a Superstorm. You might not have known 55% of business will never reopen in the event of a disaster, large or small.

It’s 2015 – you have your data in the cloud and a ‘work from home’ strategy in place, and yet you STILL have a 55% chance of failing. Perhaps your reasoning is that anything beyond data storage and working from home is too expensive, takes too much time, and is too complicated. So, you have done all you can reasonably do, right?

Wrong – if these are you reasons you’re not doing anything more to protect your operations, productivity, and profitability then consider this your lucky day. I’m about to gift you a SMART Goal for certain success.

As a partner of the AAA, Agility has created a simple guide that will help you start AND complete your plan in 90 days or less. Now that’s SMART. Download The Definitive Guide to Disaster Planning and create your plan in just 10 simple steps!

2015 is your year to truly get prepared. Your firm is a keystone in the business community – if you fail to recover from a disaster it will hurt your employees, it puts 1,000’s of companies (your clients) at risk, and it will damage your community. But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Plan your recovery > Prepare your people > Test your plan > Execute your recovery

It’s impossible to execute your plan if you don’t have one, CLICK HERE to start your plan today!

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