The space to resume operations.


Turnkey workspaces ready in less than 24 hours and mobile office units delivered in 72 hours or less.


Luxury, ready-to-work office space in any of our 3,200 global locations


Use our offices as long as necessary.

Solutions of any size tailored to every need.

Quickly recover critical operations, no matter the disruption, with our office space solutions. You can have all of the accessibility and flexibility you need to restore operations at a convenient location, all for a fraction of the cost of maintaining your own site. 

Mobile Office

Mobile Office

  • A fully independent office space delivered to you in 72 hours or less
  • Generator, satellite, and other technology available as needed
  • Includes all typical office furnishings and resources like desks, chairs, and printers
  • Restrooms and custom interior configurations available

Business Recovery Center

  • Turnkey fixed recovery workspaces available in less than 24 hours
  • Ability to store and activate custom IT and network system configurations 
  • Three convenient regional locations
  • Two additional days of testing each year
Interior of Business Recovery Center
Luxury Office Space

Ready-to-Work Luxury Office Space

  • Ready less than 24 hours
  • 30 days per seat per year
  • 3,200 locations globally, with 1,000+ in the United States and 100+ in Canada
  • Two additional days of testing each year

Semi-Permanent Tent Recovery Structure

  • On-site, military-grade structure capable of handling extreme weather
  • Modern workspaces and raised flooring
  • Power and climate-controlled HVAC
  • Professional on-site installation at the location of your choosing
  • Can accommodate 20 to 1,000 employees

Bring back critical operations with Agility

Our office space solutions come prepped with everything you need to create a fully independent workspace including generators, satellites, restrooms, and office furnishings. Agility Recovery is ready to answer the call after any business interruption and deliver everything you need to get back to business. 

See our mobile office unit for yourself:

Convergys Case Study

When we lost a production call center to flooding, Agility helped provide us with assets we needed to get back in business quickly. [Agility provided] workspace and computer equipment – in addition to satellite capability – as we have worked to resume our operations in support of our clients.

Mike Epstein, Senior Manager, Business Continuity - Convergys


Call Center Staff accommodated

Every Business Deserves Peace of Mind

See how your organization can stay ready for anything, with Agility.