//Operations Report on Business Interruptions & Recoveries May

Operations Report on Business Interruptions & Recoveries May

May Operations Report on Business Interruptions

This May, we served 5 of our customers who experienced business interruptions. Additionally, our Alert/Declare Team fielded 16 alerts (placing us on standby) ranging from wildfires and severe weather to sub-tropical depressions and the ever-present isolated incidents.

While the recovery activity was rather light this month, we saw quite a few isolated incidents causing business interruptions, as well as a flurry of planned declares. As always, our Operations Team was able to address a diverse collection of our customers’ needs, while maintaining the existing declares already underway. – Maureen Minard, CIO Operations

The declares (when we deploy recovery resources) included a planned recovery, a failed on-site generator, severe weather, a construction project, and a 3-month long training course for which employees would need additional computer monitors.

Declares & Alerts

1. Private Country Club – Clifton, NJ – Planned Relocation Due to Facility Renovation

This private country club in Clifton, New Jersey, located on the outskirts of New York City, is one of the few country clubs worldwide to have hosted sanctioned tournaments by all three professional golf associations. This spring, the club embarked on a major renovation of their golf shop and were assured by their contractor they would not need to relocate and could simply phase the construction allowing retail operations to remain in the space throughout. However, as construction progressed, it became apparent they would need to transfer the golf shop operations to a temporary space. They contacted us to deploy a double-wide mobile recovery unit, which they would then connect local power and connectivity to. We were able to create a more open retail environment by removing interior wall partitions.

Operations Report on Business Interruptions May 2018 - 1

The golf shop operations were relocated to one of our double-wide mobile recovery units in the parking lot of the country club.

Operations Report on Business Interruptions May 2018 - 3

2. Regional Credit Union – St. Petersburg, FL – Planned Recovery Due to New Branch Construction

This credit union based in Tampa, FL currently serves communities in 28 branch locations in Florida and South Carolina. As a growing financial institution, they are also planning expansion in several cities, including St. Petersburg, Florida where they have only one existing location. They recently contacted us to provide a temporary branch location while they finish the build-out of a new site. As construction nears completion, we are providing a single-wide mobile branch for them to operate out of for approximately 30 days. We are providing the mobile recovery unit, along with two teller stations, computer hardware, supplemental furnishings, and integral restroom facilities. They are able to utilize existing local power and connectivity through the on-site fiber. All of the hardware and furnishings are being distributed from our Atlanta Operations Center where the IT components will be configured with the image provided to us in advance by the credit union.

3. Local Credit Union – Gadsden, AL – Planned Recovery Due to New Employee Training

This local credit union in Alabama is increasing staff and had a need for additional computer monitors for use during a 3-month hiring and training period. Rather than invest precious dollars in technology hardware that would only be used temporarily, they contacted us to provide additional monitors with specialized wiring connections for approximately 90 days. The credit union’s IT Manager reached out in advance of the training, and the hardware was distributed from our Atlanta Operations facility within the day.

4. Global Food & Beverage Distributor – Rosemont, IL – Alert Due to Test Exercise

This global food and beverage wholesale and distribution firm is currently ranked as the 16th largest privately held businesses in the US and annually brings in around $14 billion in sales by serving large national foodservice organizations like McDonalds and Coca-Cola. With 600 employees at their Rosemont, Illinois headquarters, they have developed and maintained a rigorous testing program for their business continuity strategy. While conducting quarterly test exercises, they routinely place us on alert status for a 750kW generator, should their on-site backup generator fail. This is their standard operating procedure in any situation that they must utilize their backup generator, whether for a test or an actual emergency. Working with their IT Process Manager, our operations team took the alert and monitored the situation during their 20-hour test exercise.

Additional Notable Declares:

  • Senior Living Facility – Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Backup power for a failed generator
  • Local Insurance Firm – Brewster, NY – Temporary power due to severe weather

Additional Notable Alerts:

  • Multinational Software Management Firm – Houston, TX – Alert for temporary office space and technology to accommodate increased staffing during quarter end
  • Global Oil & Gas Machinery Manufacturer – Tulsa, OK – Alert due to tornado activity nearby
  • Non-Profit Special Needs Support Organization – Multiple Locations – Alert for severe weather
  • Regional Insurance Association – Princeton, NJ – Alert for severe weather/flooding
  • Senior Care IT Solutions Provider – Pensacola, FL – Alert for Subtropical Storm Alberto
  • Local Bank – Manchester, GA – Alert for power outage tied to Subtropical Storm Alberto
  • Vitamin/Supplement E-Commerce Organization – Boca Raton, FL – Alert for Subtropical Storm Alberto
  • Senior Living Facility – Valparaiso, IN – Alert for isolated power outage incident
  • Regional Credit Union – Ontario, CA – Alert for plumbing malfunction which flooded the office
  • Global Online Retailer – Fort Worth, TX – Alert for power outage tied to an isolated incident
  • Senior Living Facility – Scarborough, Ontario, Canada – Alert for local power outage from severe weather
  • Local Insurance Agency – New Haven, CT – Alert for temporary restrooms due to theft of copper pipe
  • Convenience Store – Newburgh, NY – Alert for power outage tied to severe weather
  • Regional Food & Beverage Distributor – South Bend, IN – Alert tied to severe weather
  • Regional Insurance Agency – Lenexa, KS – Alert for failed data center and inoperable thin clients

Ongoing Business Recoveries from Prior Months:

We also supported 9 other ongoing recoveries during the month of May including the following:

  • Global Online Retailer – Seattle, WA – Temporary restrooms due to increased staffing
  • Regional Credit Union – Dudley, MA – Planned relocation due to branch renovation
  • Regional Bank – Billings, MT – ReadySuite Financial mobile bank branch to a building fire
  • Regional Bank – Elberton, GA – Planned relocation due to branch renovation
  • Agricultural Supplier – Bettendorf, IA – Cellular communications router deployment due to severed phone lines
  • Global Logistics Firm – Atlanta, GA – Communications recovery due to an office relocation
  • Medical Equipment Supplier – Jacksonville, FL – Site-to-site VPN Cradlepoint device due to ISP outage
  • Regional Bank – Houston, TX – Planned long-term relocation due to the closure of existing location
  • Small Municipality – Lafayette, OR – ReadySuite mobile recovery due to a building fire at one of their utility plant locations
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