//Our Brand New Business Continuity Website


We just launched our new website!  And since you’re reading this blog, you’ve found it. You’ll now be able to find the information you need in an aesthetically-pleasing environment. We wanted to create a business continuity website you can easily understand and get the resources you need.

A Couple of Highlights You Might Love as Much as We Do

  • About Us – Graphs, photos, history and a surprise at the bottom.
  • Planning – Featuring a brand new case study!
Business Continuity Website - About Us Page
Business Continuity Website - Planning Page
Agility Recovery Mirror

A Few Great Improved Resources

Agility Recovery Business Continuity Newsletter, Business Continued
Business Continuity Website - Case Studies Page
Business Continuity Website - Webinars Page


Business Continued, our monthly newsletter, is here and better than ever. We redesigned the look and now have more resources from around the web to help you with your recovery plans. We even have a section every month we internally labeled “fun!”

Case Studies

Under the Resources tab, you can find all of our tales of recoveries. The story is right on the page now. Start reading here!


We still host educational webinars every month! The site now features a brand new calendar to keep you up to date. Sign up for our next one here.

We’re Still Working

There are a few resources and checklists that will take us a little longer to migrate over to the new website. You can still find all of our resources in myAgility, if you’re a customer, or just use the chat to tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll get you what you need right away.

A Little About the Process

We wanted to make something new for our customers and visitors. We hoped to create something that is easy to use and to show others. We tried to put ourselves in your shoes (or eyes might be more appropriate, but sounds a little terrifying) with every word and design choice.

There were some websites that we used as inspiration that made being a user really fun and simple. Here are some website designs we think are brilliant and occasionally in the doldrums of website making, we went back to just stare at.

Intercom Website Example

Intercom, our website chat tool, has a great homepage.

MarinOne Website Example

MarinOne explains their company succinctly and wonderfully.

Fonts Matter

And an important reminder that font choice is important.

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