//Pandemic Resiliency – Physical and Digital Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

Pandemic Resiliency – Physical and Digital Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

With the United States leading the globe in confirmed COVID-19 cases, many hospitals and healthcare organizations are managing the ongoing influx of patients. For example, New York City has declared the need for an additional 100,000 patient beds and people are waiting in lines at emergency rooms across the country. Agility Recovery has developed physical and digital solutions to assist healthcare organizations during this time. 

Physical Solutions

Tent Recovery Solution 

Agility Recovery has been working with healthcare systems to determine unique solutions specific to assisting the industry during a pandemicHere are some of the many use cases we are seeing for our Tent solution: 

  • Patient bed overflow  
    • With the highly contagious coronavirus, the need for large structures to increase distance or separate people is crucial. The openplan tent option can house up to 1,000 beds in patient overflow environments or can be used for ER/triage overflow. 
  • Drive-up services 
    • To keep distance between staff and those that may be sick and need tested, our solution can provide curb-side or drive-up settings and remote locations for businesses who do not currently have these facilities onsite.
  • Social distancing for workspaces 
    • Little space between exposed and non-exposed healthcare employees could increase the chance of an outbreak. We’re working with healthcare providers to develop socially distanced workplace settings for their administrative staff and to free up available hospital space for other uses.  

Digital Solutions

Bi-directional Mass Emergency Notification and Messaging 

Many healthcare organizations have found that using email as a primary communication of emergency response plans is not sufficient. With inboxes being flooded with emails all day long, it is easy for an important notification to be overlooked. In addition, Doctors, nurses, administrators and key personnel all must be on-site and it’s incredibly complex to track who is available and who isn’t. 

Preparis, our incident management application and bi-directional messaging tool allows healthcare organizations to easily streamline the tracking of staff and more all in one platform 

  • Here are some common use cases we’re seeing with Preparis:    
    • Send requests for additional staff  
    • Keep track of inventory counts
    • Send outbreak alerts and updates
    • Crisis and incident management coordination
    • Alert the entire staff at once of changing conditions or instructions
    • Provide an easy check in/out for staff, directly from their phone
    • Send patient updates, provider updates, or pharmacy requests

Learning Management System – Expert Content & Online Training

  • Provides ongoing training, guidance and threat-specific resources to keep your organization informed and prepared for many types of incidents including pandemics. The e-pandemic training course will help protect employees and help prevent the spread of virus through easy online education.  
  • Includes a library of tabletop exercises where teams can practice response and recovery efforts for many different situations as well as identify gaps in current response strategies. 

Learn how Jackson Healthcare utilized our Preparis tool and learning management system to ensure employee safety.

Agility has helped thousands of organizations prepare, respond, and recover from business disruptions, including pandemics like COVID-19. Our team of business continuity experts have created a package and resources designed to help organizations adopt a quick, easy-to-implement, and cost-effective solution for pandemic resiliency as well as our tent recovery solution for healthcare organizations. 


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