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Agility Recovery

Partner Alliance Program

Agility Recovery

Partner Alliance Program


We believe colloboration creates the very best business continuity, disaster recovery, and incident management solutions. By becoming a certified Agility Recovery partner, we are able to create programs and strategies that make it easier to collaborate and create innovative solutions.


Our Elite partners collaborate with Agility Recovery to develop tailored solutions, joint go-to-market strategies, and co-branded marketing campaigns to help both organizations grow.


Agility Recovery Authorized Partners leverage Agility’s solutions within their existing offerings. Agility assists in designing a holistic business continuity plan that fits the business needs of each partner’s client.


What is the Agility Partner Alliance Program?

The Agility Recovery Partner Alliance Program is for associations and organizations who want to deliver disaster recovery, business continuity, and incident managment solutions to their clients and members. Partners receive training, educational materials, sales coaching, and join a community of innovative partners.

How Do I Become an Partner Alliance Program member?

You can email us at or fill out the form to learn how you can become an Agility Partner Alliance Program member.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of becoming a certified partner depends on your business’s needs and size. Learn more by emailing us at or filling out the form.

To learn more about becoming an Agility partner, fill out the form below:

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