Lock in assurance for generators, fuel, testing, and connection support before the next power outage.

Agility ReadyPower+ is a comprehensive power backup solution that provides everything ready requires—including the fastest possible response time when the unexpected arrives.

During an outage, equipment availability and inflated prices can create challenges. Let Agility assess your needs and ensure delivery of power, fuel, testing, and electrical connection support when your business needs them most.

When the power goes out, Agility expertise turns on.


Plan for the delivery of the generators you'll need in an emergency. Agility can assess your needs now and ensure the availability of equipment in the event of a power interruption.


Ensure fuel delivery to keep your generator running. Arrange pricing in advance and let Agility handle delivery and logistics.


Agility assesses your power requirements and provides the electricians, cables, switches, and anything else required to connect your systems to backup power.


Agility's supplier network and pre-planning eliminate shipping and delivery concerns. Agility handles it all.

Price Security

Avoid price spikes and gouging during an outage with pre-negotiated pricing agreements.

Peace of Mind

Agility's 33+ years of experience provide the know-how to ensure your business will continue through an interruption.

Generator options, small, medium, and large

Experience to help you recover quickly.

30+ years of experience

40+ industries including:

  • oil and gas
  • manufacturing
  • banks and credit unions

1,000+ recoveries

Ready across the North America

For over three decades, Agility has kept the lights on for companies in insurance, healthcare, banks and credit unions, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and many other industries.

Map of Agility locations and clients

Protect lives, revenue, and productivity. Talk with Agility now.

Backup Power FAQs

What is Agility's response time for power recovery?

Our customer SLA for power recovery is 24 hours, and we are regularly able to exceed this expectation.

Why should I use Agility instead of a direct provider?

We have clients all over North America and work directly with providers to ensure pre-negotiated rates and priority access for Agility customers. When a major power outage occurs and demand for power spikes, it can be expensive and time consuming, even impossible, to secure your own equipment. We do the work up front to ensure access when and where it's needed.

What does Agility's power service cost?

Because our solutions are scalable for companies of any size, pricing is determined based on each company's unique needs. What's guaranteed is that Agility's power services provide significant cost savings compared to securing, maintaining, and connecting equipment on your own.

What is involved with power hookup?

If you're one of the lucky few to have found a generator after a disaster strikes, you still need to test, connect, fuel and maintain the equipment. Rather than coordinating with countless vendors and service providers, let Agility make this complicated process easy for your team. We handle delivery, testing, hookup with a certified electrician, maintenance, fueling, and everything in between.