//Real Members. Real Recoveries. August 2016 Recovery Update

August was a very active month with the catastrophic flooding in Louisiana and Tropical Storm Hermine affecting large portions of the East Coast. Agility’s Account Management and Operations teams supported a total of 5 disaster declarations and an additional 36 alert notifications.

Here is a brief summary:

Financial Institution in Louisiana: This Agility customer suffered severe damage to their bank after the torrential rain in Baton Rouge. Agility deployed a mobile bank branch office in order to restore operations and continue servicing customers in the area. The bank was the first in the area to be back up and running after the storms. Below are pictures of the damage and the branch that Agility delivered.

Manufacturer in Louisiana: This Agility customer also suffered extensive damage to their facility after the flooding in Louisiana. Agility delivered a doublewide mobile unit and external washroom to support their staff of 35, enabling them to start the process of restoring their business. Below is a picture.

REIT in Pennsylvania: This customer in Pennsylvania contacted Agility requesting a generator after their backup generator failed. Agility delivered a generator to the customer’s site within the same day, helping the member to quickly restore power to their facility. This recovery was a great example of how Agility provides value even when customers have backups in place.

Financial Institution in New York: This customer acquired another financial institution, but decided to close down their existing branch and open a new one. Due to the fact that the new branch will not be completed on time, the credit union called Agility to request a mobile bank branch, which they will use for the next several months.

Financial Institution in California: After this customer experienced a firewall failure, they called Agility to have their backup firewall, stored at Agility’s Atlanta site as part of their recovery plan, shipped to them. Agility sent their firewall overnight, and the financial institution had it configured right away.

Agility is also currently supporting 8 other ongoing recoveries:

  • Five for mobile recovery (ranging from two months to three years)
  • Two for technology server recovery
  • One for power
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