//Real Members. Real Recoveries. January 2017 Recovery Update.

Operations Teams saw a very active beginning of the New Year in January with 24 alerts mostly concerning severe winter storms and two declarations.

Here is a brief summary of the recoveries that took place during January:

Financial Institution – Texas

This financial Institution ran into internet issues at their new branch location as the network provider could not provide the service on time for the branch opening. Customer called Agility to declare a disaster and Agility was able to provide the customer with a LTE solution and security device to setup a VPN to their corporate Data Center the following day. Customer is currently using the device for internet access and connection to their corporate data center.

Financial Services Organization – Pennsylvania

Customer called to declare a disaster due to their PBX failing. Agility provided the customer with the option to use voice redirection which they opted for and Agility was able to assist the customer with redirecting their main number over to the Agility voice services. The customer was up and running within a couple of hours and used the service for two days until their voice services were restored.

Agility Recovery is also currently supporting seven other ongoing recoveries, including:

  • Four for mobile recovery (ranging from five months to three years)
  • One for networking
  • One for technology
  • One for washroom facility

As always, we commend our recovery teams for their excellent work in diligently protecting the Agility Recovery promise!

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