//Real Members. Real Recoveries. May 2017 Recovery Update.

The Agility Recovery Operations Team responded to a variety of events throughout the month of May, many of which were isolated in nature and related to issues around power, connectivity, and technology. This activity created a total of 14 alerts and 3 disaster declarations.

May Events: Here is a synopsis of the declares that took place in the month of May.


  • Distributor of Healthcare Products – Los Angeles, CA – Internet Service Failure

This distributor of healthcare equipment and supplies has a location approximately 35 miles outside of downtown Los Angeles which suffered a connectivity failure due to an outage by their Internet Service Provider (ISP). They had previously declared with Agility Recovery at their main headquarter location to utilize our Cradlepoint 4G LTE router solution in a permanent installation scenario. They have utilized this device for the past year as their primary ISP is unreliable. Due to this most recent interruption, Agility upgraded their solution to include two permanent Cradlepoint 4G LTE Routers permanently located on-site so they always have a backup Internet connectivity solution. This recovery illustrates the effectiveness and efficiency of the Agility Recovery solution and the confidence our customer places in Agility to provide the necessary assets in a timely and professional manner.

  • Manufacturer & Supplier of Medical Diagnostic Equipment – Los Angeles, CA – Local Power Outage

This Agility Recovery customer has previously declared with Agility to provide temporary power due to planned utility interruptions and this situation was no different. Their facility, located about 35 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles was notified by their power company that service was going to be performed in their area and there was the possibility of outages on and off for several days. Therefore, they contacted Agility to declare on a generator as a backup. 

  • Global Investment Firm – Wyalusing, Pennsylvania – Local Power Outage

This Agility Recovery customer is a privately held global investment, trading, and technology firm servicing securities markets worldwide with operations throughout North America, Europe and Asia. They experienced a power interruption at a location in rural Pennsylvania and requested an 80kW generator to be dispatched. Fortunately, they had a transfer switch in place and were able to power up their facility shortly after the generator arrived. The local power utility restored service shortly after the generator was connected so this was a short declaration, but it demonstrated the capability of Agility to deploy to any location swiftly and efficiently. 


Agility Recovery is currently supporting ten other ongoing recoveries including the following:

  • Connectivity – Healthcare provider
  • Power – Educational institution
  • Space – Customers including a tire distribution company, broadcast organization, two banks, a city government office and an e-commerce company
  • Power, Space & Technology – City government office


  • Banking Institution – Doniphan, Missouri – Flooding Event
  • Municipal Water & Sewer Authority – Prince William County, Virginia – Planned Office Relocation
  • Long-Term Senior Living Community – Toronto, Ontario – Severe Weather
  • Banking Institution – Fishkill, New York – Vehicle Accident
  • Long-Term Care Facility – Moline, Illinois – Generator Failure with Severe Weather Forecast
  • International Trucking & Logistics Company – Laredo, Texas – Tornado / Power Outage
  • Regional Banking Institution – Pocahontas, Arkansas – Flooding
  • Large Scale Foodservice Wholesaler & Distributor – Stockton, California – Fire / Communications Interruption
  • Major Online Retailer – Seattle, Washington – Power Interruption
  • Regional Banking Institution – Huntsville, Arkansas – Planned Branch Office Renovations
  • Major Online Retailer – Toronto, Canada – Plumbing Failure
  • Insurance Firm – 45 miles north of Los Angeles, California – Planned Power Outage
  • Insurance Firm – Irving, Texas – Planned Relocation
  • Assisted Living Facility – Wilmington, Delaware – Transformer Damage

As always, we commend our recovery teams for their excellent work in diligently protecting the Agility Recovery promise!

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