//Real Members. Real Recoveries. September 2016 Recovery Update

The month of September saw continued activity with five customer declares and 35 customer alerts, with the majority due to Hurricane Hermine, which slammed into the West Coast of Florida.

Here is a brief summary:

Financial Institution in Missouri: This Agility customer declared a disaster due to a fiber cable cut affecting the customer’s internet access. Agility provided a Cradlepoint solution for the customer with LTE capability, restoring access to the internet.

Insurance Agency in Florida: This Agility customer was impacted by Hurricane Hermine and lost power to their facility. Agility delivered a 300 kW generator the same day, allowing them to get back up and running.

Manufacturer in Florida: After this manufacturer lost power to their facility due to Hurricane Hermine, they called Agility requesting two separate generators (due to the nature in which their facility was built). Agility provided both generators the same day. Unfortunately this was the second declare in less than a month for this customer, as their other facility in Louisiana was flooded and they are currently recovering in a mobile unit.

Insurance Agency in Florida: During a power outage caused by Hurricane Hermine, this customer was notified they could be without power for 2-3 weeks. They called Agility to explain that they would need not only a generator, but also a mobile office, due to the fact that they share an office and cannot connect a generator to their building. Agility mobilized for the deployment the same day.

Food Distribution Company in New Jersey: Before Hurricane Hermine hit, this customer called Agility to request that a 2 Meg generator be delivered as a precautionary measure. Agility deployed the generator to the customer’s site in less than four hours.

Agility is also currently supporting 11 other ongoing recoveries:

  • Eight for mobile recovery (ranging from one month to three years)
  • Two for technology server recovery
  • One for power


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