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    Project Description

    Bank 34 Case Study

    The Unexpected Happened

    An arsonist ignited a fire at a law firm in Alamagordo, New Mexico. The flames set off the sprinkler system which, fortunately, saved the building but created a new problem – flooding. Just below the scorched law firm, our customer, Bank 34, was drenched in six inches of water and unable to serve their customers.

    They Called Us

    The fire and flooding happened on Thursday. Bank 34 called our hotline to declare and our team quickly began mobilizing resources. We delivered our mobile bank branch, outfitted with two teller stations, a back office and essential technology including laptops, workstations, and printers. We only send what you need to recover, so when they told us they could connect to their own internet, we kept the satellite. We finished setting up the mobile recovery unit in their parking lot early Sunday evening and after a well-earned night’s sleep, their business continued as usual for them and their customers on Monday morning.

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