Business Continuity Checklist for Professional Services

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Business continuity planning for professional services firms is integral to operational resilience. Firms of all sizes are responsible for ensuring the safety of employees, clients, and visitors and making sure that during an emergency, the firm can continue business as usual with no disruptions. With so much at stake, emergency preparedness and business continuity must be taken seriously.

The objectives of business continuity planning for professional services firms:

  • To continue to represent clients competently and diligently and accommodate their immediate needs.
  • To avoid missing critical business deadlines.
  • To safeguard client confidentiality and communications.
  • To support the firm despite reduced revenue.
  • To ensure ethical business practices.

A successful business continuity plan (BCP) isn’t just about backing up your data. It’s about implementing companywide processes that are designed to prepare your entire workforce for any number of disasters. It’s about avoiding liabilities that could arise if your BCP is outdated or incomplete. But most importantly, a successful BCP allows your firm to live up to its legal and ethical obligations to its employees and clients by continuing to operate efficiently even in the event of a disruption.