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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic Preparedness Kit

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Be ready with our COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic Preparedness Kit

The coronavirus outbreak has developed into not only a global health crisis, but coronavirus preparedness may prove to be a business challenge for many U.S. and foreign companies that operate in the world’s second-largest economy. 


Agility's hands-on expertise and continuously growing market knowledge allowed us to collect the most common lessons learned to help more businesses emerge more resilient with a robust response plan and business continuity process. As the COVID-19 outbreak began to spread globally, businesses of all sizes and industries turned to their business continuity and pandemic response plans.

COVID-19 has been the single most widespread business interruption we’ve experienced in more than three decades. In our experience, many organizations have implemented individual pandemic response plans simply because pandemics are a risk that can impact any business and can perhaps be the most long-lasting and devastating. That being said, we typically don’t see individual plans for every type of business interruption. This allows a more agile business continuity approach to the disruption, no matter the interruption source.

For our customers, every business is strongly encouraged to do a live test of their plan, and it gives them a chance to make amendments to their current and future approach. 
Businesses that plan ahead have a faster response and meet their Recovery Time Objectives (RTO). Organizations that plan ahead focus on their people first to ensure they were safe and able to continue working as best as possible. 

Agility Recovery experienced record-high activity fulfilling customer’s business continuity needs, including everything from providing technology equipment and alternate office space for social distancing to implementing emergency notification software. Throughout this process, we have observed trends in preparedness and response strategies as well as the challenges that came into play as companies focused on protecting employees and business operations. 

This preparedness kit contains:

  • Coronavirus (Pandemic) Preparedness Checklist
  • Coronavirus (Pandemic) Tabletop Exercise Template

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