The Definitive Guide to Disaster Planning for Manufacturers

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A lot is asked of today’s manufacturing leaders.

And the challenges faced on a daily basis already occupy the lion’s share of a leader’s time. However, in addition to other strategic initiatives inherent to the role, leaders must also be confident in their ability to maintain critical operations despite interruptions.

Robust, well-led companies must have a disaster plan in place to overcome a variety of business interruptions and ensure it can:

  • Recover from any disaster
  • Protect its source of revenue
  • Fulfill responsibilities to stakeholders
  • Facilitate compliance
  • Reduce exposure to civil or criminal liabilities
  • Enhance the company’s image and credibility
  • Potentially reduce insurance premiums
  • Build company-wide consensus and a culture of preparedness

This guide will outline the most basic yet impactful steps any manufacturer should take to build resilience in the face of all manner of threats.