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    Project Description

    Hurricane Harvey image

    The Harvard Drug Group Case Study

    The Unexpected Happened

    On April 27th, 2011, an unstable front bore down on several Southeastern US states, producing a record-breaking number of tornadoes. Alabama emerged as ground-zero for the devastation, with over 250 people losing their lives. With the scope of devastation on a historical scale, many business owners were left with nothing. Others were fortunate to still have office facilities and assets intact, yet were without key services such as
    power, Internet, and phones.

    Distributing compounding pharmaceuticals to northern Alabama, The Harvard Drug Group and their operations are critical to thousands of residents who
    rely on its custom prescriptions on a daily basis. LETCO, a division of The Harvard Drug Group, serves northern Alabama independent pharmacies.

    They Called Us

    Chuck Makarov, president of LETCO Medical, declared for temporary communications from us, allowing his staff to restore operations and fill 450 orders within 24 hours of the original interruption.

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