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    Project Description

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    Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Case Study

    The Unexpected Happened

    Hurricane Harvey hit the U.S. in August 2017. Just two weeks later, Irma hit just as hard. The unique “one-two punch” of the hurricanes created an estimated $290 billion in property damage.

    Because of Harvey and Irma, countless organizations lost power and productivity. But across Texas, Florida, and Georgia, we were there to bring customers online in a hurry. If catastrophe strikes your business, we’ll be there to bring you back as well.

    They Called Us

    After back-to-back category 4s, we kept our customers in business. We fought Hurricanes Harvey and Irma by recovering and reopening businesses in 160+ Texas, Georgia, and Florida locations. Our customers’ industries included banking, government, education, and transportation. Overall, we fielded a total of 722 unique customer requests for assistance throughout the duration of both events.

    Read the case study here!

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