Incident Management Checklist

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This incident management checklist has been developed to supplement your company’s comprehensive incident management team plan.


It’s not a question of if a critical situation will occur to a given business; it’s when it will happen. Business interruptions are increasingly common. Based on industry data, 40% of companies have experienced a business interruption in the last five years. This checklist serves only as a recommendation for the procedures at your organization.

Why Do I Need an Incident Management Checklist?

No organization, regardless of size, is immune from external threats, which can range from hackers to hurricanes.

However, small businesses are even more susceptible to these perils, as many lack the infrastructure required to fortify their workplace against them proactively. In fact, research shows that nearly 70% of SMBs experience a cyberattack every year. 

They’re also hit harder by natural disasters. Thirty-five percent of companies that operate in FEMA-designated disaster areas report revenue losses of more than $25,000 after such an event.

An incident management checklist won’t shield your company against all losses. Nor will it make it entirely impenetrable to external assaults. What it will do is give your employees a clear path to follow when the worst happens. Knowing how to react is critical to minimizing losses and regaining as many assets as possible.