Return to Work Checklist

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This Return to Work checklist outlines a complete set of steps to take to reopen your business in the wake of the pandemic.


As more and more states and organizations are planning to reopen and return to work, it is critical that businesses take action to prepare the workplace and employees for a safe and successful return. This checklist gives recommendations to help with the transition that are backed by our 30+ years of experience.

Recent Insights

Based on the recent survey of 100 executives across the country and various industries, the leaders expect that 88% of their workforce will be back in the office environment by December. Whether this number is close to how things are is hard to say, as the pandemic breaks new records.  

To aid organizations in transition to the new normal, Forrester has created what they call "pandemic management protocols." According to their statement, these recommendations can help bring the workforce back in the office.

Their suggestions are based on the main principle of staggering employee return and continuing social distancing, along with prolonged remote work. We believe that such steps as bringing employees back to work in stages, maintaining restrictions on travel, and encouraging social distancing, along with maintaining robust communication in your department, are crucial to a successful return to office program. 

Know How to Return to Work Safely

No matter your industry, you and your employees are probably ready to return to work in your office. However, you should have a detailed plan to keep everyone safe. You may need to take extra time, but that will be worth making employees more comfortable when they come back.

Does your office need help with post-pandemic planning? Reach out, and one of our experts will help your organization with personalized business continuity planning.